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which type of Vietnam visa we should apply?

Dear Sir/Madam, I will be travelling from India and I am an Indian Citizen. I will be coming for business and then stay for a few more days for touring. I will be accompanied by my wife who will come with me as a tourist. I have an Invitation Letter from the Company for whose work I will be coming. We will both go to Siem Reap in Cambodia from Hanoi and come back to Hanoi after two days. Could you please clarify/confirm the following: 1. Should I apply for 1 month, Multiple entry Business Visa on arrival by making an online application? What is the total fees? 2. Should I apply for 1 month, multiple entry Tourist Visa on arrival for my wife? What will be the fees? 3. Or can I apply for two of us in a single application as Tourist Visa? Regards

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  • Dear sir/madam,Thank you for contacting us!Please be advised that according to news updated from The Immigration Department of Vietnam, Indian citizens wishing to enter Vietnam are required to be guarantee by a visa agent or company located in Vietnam.In case Indian citizens plan to enter Vietnam for tourist purpose, or for business purpose but not yet have a guarantee company, we can still help to arrange visa approval letter/code for Indians citizens so that they can get visa on arrival at Vietnam airport or at Embassy of Vietnam in their temporarily residing country. The approval fee for Indians citizens in this case is as follows: 25 USD/person) for one month single, USD 30/person for one month multiple, USD 35/person for three month single, and USD 45/person for three month multiple. For those Indian citizens who can have guarantee by a Vietnamese company, the applied fees is lower which ranges from USd 20/person to USD 40/person. If you have got a guarantee company, please tell them to contact us, so that we will guide them the form on how to make guarantee for you. To apply for Vietnam Visa, you can submit the online visa application at with correct information as shown in your Indian passport.Then you should proceed the payment as quoted above.For transferring this payment, you can pay by your credit card, bank transfer or Western Union. Please advise us your preference, so that we can advise the further needful for you. It takes two working days to get your visa approval finished with normal request, and 1 working day with urgent request. In addition, in case you want to visit Cambodia during the time you stay in Vietnam, you should apply for 1 month multiple entry visa. You and your wife can use the same application form to apply for Vietnam visa, and you should note the purpose of entry is business in the form.Please let us know if you need further assistance.Many thanks and best regards!Jenifer Lee

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