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Which kind of Vietnam visa is Suitable for Sri Lanka citizens?

Dear visaforvietnam, I have applied for Vietnam visa at your website. However, I am really confused between visa on arrival and visa code and SSS ( stamping support service- this service is applied for which kind of Vietnam visa ). Could you please explain two kind of Vietnam visa for me, and advised me the most suitable kind for a Sri Lankan citizens like me. Thank you. Deivendran

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Should i apply for 3 month multiple Vietnam visa for purpose of tourist?

Hi! I will travel in Vietnam for tourism from 24 of January (arrival in Hanoi airport) and I wish to get a Visa on line. I also want to have the possibility to leave the country for example for one week to Laos and then reenter in Vietnam . Then I plan to travel to South Vietnam by bus . First question : Can I exit Vietnam by land to Cambodia with this visa? Second question : In case I wish to stay in Vietnam for example 10 days longer after my one month multiple visa expiration, what type of Visa is suitable for me A three months multiple (is it only for business purpose ?) or an extension of my one month multiple for 10 more days? In that case wich is the official procedure to extend a visa and what is the fee ? Thank you in advance! Ayis

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Vietnam Visa for Kazakhstan visiting Vietnam twice in a week

I'm from Kazakhstan. How to be if I already made out the visa to Vietnam, I stayed in Vietnam two days and I went to Cambodia for three days. Then decided to return to Vietnam. Whether it is necessary to do again the invitation and to pay for the Vietnam visa?

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Apply for visa to vietnam from within vietnam

Hi guys, Is it possible to obtain visa to Vietnam from within Vietnam? I am currently in Vietnam, but I would like to travel to Thailand for about a week and then return back to Vietnam. Cheers! Yaroslav Ilnytskyy, Ph.D.

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Vietnam visa single or multiple visa

Dear Jenny Kristen! Thank you for the quieck answer! Ok, good to know that we can also extend another visa in Vietnam. I already tried to fill in the document. I have some questions: what´s the diffrent between singel and multiple visa? is it possible to order the visa before we have to flight? (because my friend is on holiday and we did not book a flight til now. ) How we will get the visa? Do you sent it to us or will we get it directly in vietnam at the airport? Thank you that you are patient and really kind to help us! have a great weekend! Best regards, Julia Fasl

In Visa type, Asked by Julia Fasl, posted date 19-08-2013     comments (1)

Vietnam visa code for India citizens

hi i am an Indian and want to travel to vietnam on 19th of sep 13. i would like to know if i can apply e visa to enter through Phnom Penh by road or train whichever is applicable.

In Visa type, Asked by Hazarika, posted date 14-08-2013     comments (1)

How to get exit visa

im indian and my wife indian, my 2nd baby born in ho chi minh city, now iam , my wife and my baby exit vietnam, so my baby required visa to exit vietnam, if yes, what is the procedure to apply visa and how much it will cost.

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Vietnam visa type

I would like to know approximately how long it would take to get a tourist visa to visit Vietnam. I will be doing a trip through SE Asia and I will most likely be entering Vietnam by land. What are my options?

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Vietnam visa for Mauritius citizens

Hello Please note that I am travelling on a cruise from Singapore and will be stop over to Vietnam too. I am a citizen of Mauritius. Kindly advise if I need visa and how to get it. Thanks Sudhira DABEESING

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Vietnam visa for people traveling by land

Hello, I am due to travel by land to Vietnam next week to arrive Monday the 30th in the evening. As yet I have not got my visa. Could you please advise on the best way to do this in time? Thank you for your help

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