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Can EU citizens apply for Vietnam visa on arrival?

Could you provide the details about getting Vietnamese visa for the EU citizens? Are they able to get it on arrival? What is required for that? Best regards, Ekaterina Kubrak.

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Can Algerian and Tunisian citizens apply for Vietnam visa on arrival?

Dear, I need to get urgently a visa to vietnam for business purpose through your website. I have Algerian nationality but i live in Tunisia, I want to apply for an VOA but it is somehow confusing because I can't find an official information in internet about Algerian citizens to be eligible to apply for a VOA online, for example on wikipedia and on tripadvisor it says Algerian and also Tunisian citizens should apply on embassy and can not apply online for a VOA, so I wanted to ask you for more details about it and if you can provide me with an official information because my company will need it in order to pay the visa fee for me. Thank you in advance! Best Regards, Mehdi Chaouch

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Vietnam visa on arrival for Sri Lanka

Dear sir, I and my spouse wants to visit Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City on 30th Dec. 2013 and leave on 4th January 2014.We want to get the Visa stamped at the Vietnamese embassy in Sri Lanka. Please advise us if you could handle it for us. We have a reservation at HOTEL EQUATORIAL HO CHI MINH CITY.and Hoi An Express have recommended your services.

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Visa on arrival and hours of immigration office at Noi Bai Airport

Hello, I will be flying into Vietnam on Dec. 14th at about 6am in Hanoi, and will fly to Tan Son Nhat Airport at about 8 am. If I were to apply for a Visa On Arrival, would I have sufficient time to obtain my visa at Noi Bai Airport? What are the hours for the immigration at Noi Bai Airport? Thank you so much for your time. Best,

In Visa on arrival, Asked by Marry Tran, posted date     comments (1)

Vietnam visa for Sri Lanka

My Name is Indula Kumara Siri.I am from srilanka.currently i m working in qatar.I planing to go to vietnam for vacation. It is only for 8 days. Is it possible to get on arrival visa in vietnam? Hope your kindly advice about visa.on arrival visa or any other way.

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Vietnam Visa For Indian Living In UAE

I am an Indian passport holder living in the United Arab Emirates. I want to travel to Vietnam for a 4 day holiday. What is the process to obtain a tourist visa for Vietnam? Can I get the visa on arrival at the airport?

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Visa on arrival for Indian passport holders

I am an Indian national with Long term visa(EP) holder for Singapore. I am planning to Travel to Vietnam for a week, and want to know if 'On Arrival' Visa is a option for me. Thanks.

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Vietnam visa on arrival for British in Australia

My granddaughter and her partner are visiting Australia later in the year, they wish to visit Vietnam on their return journey to England. Can they apply for a Vietnam visa while here in Australia? Many thanks Adrienne Berryman

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Passport Requirements for Vietnam Visa On arrival

I’m going on a trip to Vietnam Oct 18, 2013. My passport expires March 2014. Therefore, my passport has 5 months left not 6 months when I go on my trip. Will that be sufficient to apply for Visa on Arrival?

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How to get visa at Ho Chi Minh?

Hi Jenny Greetings. I am planning to be in Ho Chi Min on 21st Oct. Will you be also able to get my Visa done there? Regards, Rajesh

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