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Vietnam Visa guide for Lao People's Democratic Republic

  • The procedures of Vietnam Visa extension for Laotian
    Laotian residing in Vietnam can apply for the extension of visa with the residency time from one month to one year. ...(Read more...)
  • Vietnam visa fee for citizens of Laos
    According the Immigration Law of Vietnam, Laos passport holders wishing to enter Vietnam are not required to apply for Vietnam visa if you planned stay duration is no longer than 30 days. For Laos citizens who want to stay in Vietnam longer 30 days, a visa is required before you enter the country. The recommended visa type for citizens of Laos in that case is 1 month visa and 3 month visa. The visa fee depends on the way that Laos citizen get their visa: at Embassy of Vietnam or apply online to get visa on arrival at Vietnam airport....(Read more...)
  • How to get Vietnam Visa from Laos
    For passport holders of Laos planning to visit Vietnam within 30 days, you are not required to have Vietnam visa. ...(Read more...)
  • Vietnam Visa on Arrival for Citizens of Laos
    According to news updated from The Immigration Department of Vietnam, Vietnam visa is not required for Lao People’s Democratic Republic passport holders entering Vietnam with the stay duration of less than 30 days...(Read more...)



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