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Question on Port of Entry

Hi, Good day to you. We have 3 approved visas under these names: ANDREW JAMES MAIN - Passport A00343806 KIRAN LOUISE CRAWFORD MERLE - Passport 488338099 AYESHA ANN PINTO - Passport Z2083091 Can I check with you, if their first port of entry is Hanoi, but visa application is stated as "Saigon or Ho Chi Minh", is that fine? They will be travelling to Ho Chi Minh after visiting Hanoi though. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you! Regards, Hartini Ali

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Business visa for India citizens

Hi I am an Indian citizen planning to visit Vietnam. I have two queries for you. 1. Can I apply for Business Visa through you? (do I need any additional document for that?) 2. If I apply for Single Entry 3 months Visit visa, how much is the current stamp fee for Indian citizens? Would be glad to hear from you. Thanks and regards Sen

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How i get tourist visa from india?

Hi.i want to go vietnam for holiday in 1 i get tourist visa from india.

In Visa procedures, Asked by Rish, posted date     comments (1)

How can I get visa to stay in Vietnam

I'm an Indonesian man who get merried with a vietnamese and our merriage registered in Vietnam goverment. How can i get visa to stay in Vietnam? Thank you for you attention

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Vietnam tourist visa for Nepal Citizen

Hi there, I want to know what is the best way for citizen of Nepal to get a Tourist Visa for visiting Vietnam? I want to come to Vietnam next month via China for holidays. I am currently living and working in China. I went to the Vietnamese Consulate here and they said I need a Visa Approval letter from the Immigration Dept. there and your company seems to provide that. Can you guarantee a letter and Visa for a Nepal citizen? What do I need to do on my part to get the approval letter as fast as I can? Is the fee the standard $20? Once i have the Approval letter, can I apply for a visa at the consulate instead of the airport?

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Questions on Travel Visa

Hello, My name is Vikramaditya and I am an Indian Passport Holder,I am planning on visiting Vietnam from the 24th December to January 2nd, I have a valid American Visa, will this make any difference in my Visa process ( It did for my Philippines Visa). Is Visa on arrival possible for Indian nationals? Thank You, Vikramaditya

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What is stamping support service?

We will apply on-line through your website for our upcoming trip in early November for 14 days. Can you please tell us what “stamping support service” is, as indicated on the online application? Thanks for your help! Liz Fitzgerald

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Visa fees on arrival methods

Is it possible for me to pay the Visa fees on arrival at the airport and collect the stamping?

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Vietnam visa for Sri Lanka citizens

I am sri Lankan citizen intend to visit Vietnam as tourist.Please let me know what is the best way to get visa?

In Visa on arrival, Asked by Ballalle, posted date     comments (1)

How to make payment for VIetnam visa fee?

Hi, I am an applicant from India... Is it possible to make the payment on arrival at the airport?

In Vietnam visa fee, Asked by Padmini Narayanan, posted date     comments (1)


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