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Whats a stamp supporting service?

Whats a stamp supporting service?

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Over stay in Vietnam by two days

Hi I am traveling to Vietnam and cambodia from the 30th of September to the 2 of November I am worried about over staying my visa for Vietnam as it will be over stayed by two days I am traveling with my child and his mother and I just want to know if I can apply for another visa upon arrival to Vietnam or if it will be easier to pay the overstaying fine. I don't have a problem paying the over staying fine but I want to be certain that my family can return with ease if we decide to just pay the fine or if applying for another visa will be just as easy and will not take up much time as we will need our passports

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Please given visa for working in USA

How to get vietnam visa while i am working in USA

In Visa procedures, Asked by Usman, posted date     comments (1)

Visa on arrival for Indian passport holders

I am an Indian national with Long term visa(EP) holder for Singapore. I am planning to Travel to Vietnam for a week, and want to know if 'On Arrival' Visa is a option for me. Thanks.

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Vietnam visa online, how to enter and exit?

Hello, if i apply for a Vietnam visa online and i arrive to vietnam by air, then do i need to leave vietnam by air or not? because i'm planning a trip and i would like to arrive by air but after leaving by land border to cambodia. is this possible with the online visa to Vietnam? thank you

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Vietnam visa on arrival without having departing tickets from Vietnam

Hi. I'm coming to Vietnam in September by plane, and I'm planning to stay there for one-two weeks, before I travel to Laos by bus. I've read that I need valid plane tickets out of Vietnam to get the visa-on-arrival, so my question is: what do I need to do to get the Vietnam visa on arrival, when I don't have any departing tickets? Greetings Elin Stranden

In Visa procedures, Asked by Elin Stranden, posted date     comments (1)

Vietnam visa on arrival for British in Australia

My granddaughter and her partner are visiting Australia later in the year, they wish to visit Vietnam on their return journey to England. Can they apply for a Vietnam visa while here in Australia? Many thanks Adrienne Berryman

In Visa on arrival, Asked by Holly, posted date     comments (1)

Vietnam Visa for Nepalese in Switzerland, how to get?

Dear Sir/Madam, I am from Nepal. I'm living in Switzerland now. I would like to go to Vietnam for my vacation and visit some friends as well. I have asked how to apply visa from Vietnam embassy in Switzerland. They said that I need an invitation letter from my friends in Vietnam or my friends who live in Vietnam to apply the permission from Vietnam immigration for me first then they will issue visa for me. It's quite complicated process to do it. Could you please guide me the easier way to do? Thank you very much

In Visa procedures, Asked by Lucia Gravina, posted date     comments (1)

Vietnam Visa for Kazakhstan visiting Vietnam twice in a week

I'm from Kazakhstan. How to be if I already made out the visa to Vietnam, I stayed in Vietnam two days and I went to Cambodia for three days. Then decided to return to Vietnam. Whether it is necessary to do again the invitation and to pay for the Vietnam visa?

In Visa type, Asked by Mansi gupta, posted date     comments (1)

Do I need a Vietnam visa for my layover in Vietnam?

I have a 3 hour layover in I need a Vietnam visa? I'm an American citizen. Thank you!

In Transit visa, Asked by Enrique Jesus Hernandez, posted date     comments (1)


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