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Posted: 08-12-2013 - Dear Jenifer, Thank you for your assistance I have received my visa approval letter, now I am ready for my trip to Vietnam. Thanks again for all your help.

( V Rama Subbarao Peruri - India)

Posted: 02-12-2013 - Dear Jenny Thank you very much for your prompt and friendly service. Have a great night! Danielle

( Danielle Jones - New Zealand )

Posted: 02-12-2013 - Dear all, Thanks for all your help. I have completed my visit to Vietnam (for my official work with Quacert) & have come back to India. I had a very pleasant tour & was quite pleased with the Vietnamese people & their cordiality. Thank you so much for all your supporting and assisting. Best regard

( Kalenahalli Narasimhamurthy GAYATHRI - India )

Posted: 29-11-2013 - Hi Jenny, Thank you so much for your quick response and information on process my Vietnam exit visa.


Posted: 28-11-2013 - Hello!, Thank you very much for everything. With this visa approval code, I will get my Vietnam visa at Vietnam embassy in Romania next Monday. Cristian Craciun from Romania

( Cristian-Radu Craciun - Romania)

Posted: 27-11-2013 - Thanks for your help today. Everything went well, Thanks you so much for assisting me in super - urgent service. Kind regards laurel

( Laurel Marie Savage - New Zealand )

Posted: 26-11-2013 - I am planning to visit Vietnam on 30th November 2013 for some business meeting. Thank you so much for processing my visa approval letter for urgent service as this business meeting is very important to me and I need to get Visa approval letter as soon as possible. Thank you.

( Avinash - Italy)

Posted: 25-11-2013 - Hi, I have applied for Vietnam visa via your visa agent before, and this time i still use your service to get my Vietnam tourist visa. Because I have forget my account ID and passport, i will to send you my visa application form. Merci pour votre réponse rapide. Cordialement.

( Cordier Claudine - France)

Posted: 24-11-2013 - thank you )) Thank you so much for re-sending my visa approval letter as my email has some errors. Surely, i will introduce your service to my friends who are going to visit Vietnam in the future. Regard.


Posted: 22-11-2013 - Dear Jenny Kristen, Thank you for your help! You have been very helpfull. Thanks you so much for taking account of my case as Egypt citizens may meet some difficulties when applying for visa to a communist country as Vietnam

( katumba jude - Egypt)

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