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Changing arrival date

Hello, My name is Alex ichelangeli, 4 friends and I are planning on travelling to Vietnam in about a week. We have visas that are valid from the 15th of February to the 15th of March. We have our flight out of Hanoi booked for the 25th of February, and we now think we want to enter Vietnam a bit ealier, will there be an issue if we enter Vietnam on say the 10th of February? We will be entering overland from Cambodia. Alternatively, is there any way we can change our visa to an earlier date, king regards, Alex Michelangeli

In Vietnam visa requirements, Asked by Alex ichelangeli, posted date     comments (1)

Vietnam visa for Cameroon citizen

I live in cameroon and wish to travel to vietnam as soon as can you help me to go through?

In Vietnam visa requirements, Asked by Nyiawung ivo, posted date     comments (1)

Border crossing

Hi I'm just wondering can I cross the board from Muang khua to dien bien pha with a visa code ??

In Vietnam visa requirements, Asked by David Guiney, posted date     comments (1)

Vietnam Visa Requirements for Zimbabwe citizen

To whom this may concern I am planning on coming to Vietnam for a wedding in the month of June for about 14 days. Would I have to apply for a visa on arrival or would I have to show a letter from a Vietnamese individual guaranteeing my stay?

In Vietnam visa requirements, Asked by Dumisani Mabhen, posted date     comments (1)

Vietnam multiple visa

My father and I are planning a trip to Vietnam. We want to apply for 1 month multiple entry visas. We will be flying into Vietnam and driving into Cambodia for a few days, driving back to Vietnam and then flying out of Vietnam to get home. My question is: If we get the online 'on arrival' multiple entry visas, we will bring the approval letter to the airport and get our visas stamped; will that visa stamp get us back into Vietnam by land when we try to come back in from Cambodia or do we HAVE to go through an embassy for the proper visa?

In Vietnam visa requirements, Asked by Jill Hazel, posted date     comments (1)

Vietnam visa for Philippines citizen

I am filipino citizen. Can my foreigner friend who lives in Ho Chi Minh city get a visa for me? I want to stay in vietnam for 2 months only. Thank you very much!

In Vietnam visa requirements, Asked by Rizalyn Tumangan, posted date     comments (1)

Vietnam visa code advice

Good day My husband will be joining me on the Princess Cruise Ship around Asia. He is South African We will be in Vietnam on the 12 April (Nha Trang), 13 April (Phu My) 22 April (Nha Trang), 23 April (Phu My) April each time just for the day and leave again at night. Please advise which visa he will require. Does he have to get a visa code? Does he need to get the visa at the embassy before leaving South Africa or can he get a visa on arrival at the port if he has the visa code. Thank you for your advice Kind regards

In Vietnam visa requirements, Asked by Tammi Valentine, posted date     comments (1)

Visa for Diplomatic Passport holders

Dear Sir, Could you tell me what the visa requirements are for the following. The holder of a diplomatic passport from Oman who wishes to visit Vietnam as a tourist? Many thanks, Will

In Vietnam visa requirements, Asked by Will, posted date     comments (1)

Request of visa approval letter for sri Lanka

Hi, Im Darshana B. Ratnayake from Sri Lanka. 2 of my friends and myself wish to visit Vietnam from 14th to 19th March, 2013. We have already purchased the air tickets too. When I check with your embassy of Sri Lanka they asked us to get the ‘Vietnam visa approval letter’ issued by immigration department of Vietnam. Can you please advise me how to get this letter.? If you do so, pls tell me how do I proceed it with you. I really appreciate your kind consideration on this as we don’t have more time for our tour. Im waiting for your quick response. Good Luck & Wish you all the Best…! Darshana B. Ratnayake

In Vietnam visa requirements, Asked by Darshana B. Ratnayake, posted date     comments (1)

Urgent visa within a day

Can I get Vietnam visa within a day?

In Vietnam visa requirements, Asked by Gayan, posted date     comments (1)


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