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Can i get Vietnam visa when arriving at Border of Vietnam and China ?

Dear Sir, Yes i plan to come to Vietnam at the end of this year (Christmas-New Year). But, as Vietnam Airlines canceled all flights from Kunming (China) to Hanoi (and I regret this very much as I used this flight twice per year for 8 years), I am now obliged to arrive by land through the Hekou / Lao Cai border. So my question is, is it possible for me to have a visa when arriving at the border? Best regards, Roland Hourcade

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How to make payment for Vietnam visa via Echeck by credit card?

Dear Vietnamvisa, I have applied online for Vietnam visa at your website, and I also have made payment of USD 50 for our 1 month multiple visa by credit card via Echeck. And my question is did you receive my payment? and how long does it take to get my Vietnam visa approval letter done?

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How long does it take to get Vietnam visa code?

i would like to ask how long will it take to get visa code ? thanks

In Others queries, Asked by Yassine, posted date     comments (1)

How to make payment for visa approval fee through Western Union?

Dear Jenifer, I have submit my visa application at your system, and now hi jenny, I do not have PayPal account, so i wish to make the payments today via western union so could you send me the account and guidance to make payment thank you

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Can Japanese extend Vietnam visa more than 1 time?

Dear Sir/Madam, Vietnam visa of my Japanese friend will expire on December 17th, 2013. Because he has extended his visa one time, he does not know that his visa can be extended more or not. And what should he do to stay longer in Vietnam while he Vietnam visa is going to expire.

In Visa extension, Asked by FLORAME, posted date     comments (1)

which type of Vietnam visa we should apply?

Dear Sir/Madam, I will be travelling from India and I am an Indian Citizen. I will be coming for business and then stay for a few more days for touring. I will be accompanied by my wife who will come with me as a tourist. I have an Invitation Letter from the Company for whose work I will be coming. We will both go to Siem Reap in Cambodia from Hanoi and come back to Hanoi after two days. Could you please clarify/confirm the following: 1. Should I apply for 1 month, Multiple entry Business Visa on arrival by making an online application? What is the total fees? 2. Should I apply for 1 month, multiple entry Tourist Visa on arrival for my wife? What will be the fees? 3. Or can I apply for two of us in a single application as Tourist Visa? Regards

In Visa procedures, Asked by visweswara, posted date     comments (1)

Vietnam airport visa at Tan Son Nhat airport

Hello, I plan to apply for my visa letter so that my husband and I can get our visas in Tan Son Naht airport. I see at the website ,, that the Hanoi visa airport office is open 24/24, and wish to confirm that this is also true for Ho Chi Minh, Tan Son Naht airport and how to apply for Vietnam airport visa. Thank you for your assistance, Sincerely, Lynn

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Overstay in Vietnam, what should i do?

Hi there, Im an Australian traveler and my visa is valid until the 16th of December 2013 and i accidentally made my flight on the 17th of December at 9am. Do you think it is possible to avoid a fine as i will only be staying on the 17th for a few hours extra. Surely you have a leeway for such minor circumstances Cheers, Mo

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1 year Vietnam visa

Dear Sir/Madam I need a multiple business visa for 1 year for 2 applicants. at your website it's showing maximum for 3 months only. Is it possible for 1 year? if yes please suggest accordingly.

In Others queries, Asked by GRACE MARBLES AND GRANITES, posted date     comments (1)

How to apply for Vietnam visa in case passport is going to expire?

I am thinking of traveling to Vietnam for about a week around the 12th/13th of November . I noticed my passport expires on the 13th of March 2014 . So that is less than 6 months before my passport expires . Can I still travel ?

In Visa procedures, Asked by Carolyn Barbara Goddard, posted date     comments (1)


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