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6 month visa requirement

Hallo can I do 6 month visa at Malaysia?what kind of document that You need?How much I have to pay? can You send me the new price for Vietnam visa?

In Visa type, Asked by James,, posted date 20-03-2013     comments (1)

Visa Application Form Inquiry

Hello, I have received my Visa Approval letter to enter Vietnam and will be getting my formal visa upon arrival at Hanoi Airport. At the bottom of the application form it says to fill out two forms (1 to be submitted to the visa issuing office, and 1 to be given to the frontier police post). However, in the "Important Remarks" document that was sent to me it states that only one application form is needed per applicant. Can you please clarify whether I need to fill out one or two forms? If two, how do I submit one to the visa issuing office - is this office also at the airport? Thank you kindly, Jessica Tucker

In Vietnam visa requirements, Asked by Jessica Tucker , posted date 20-03-2013     comments (1)

Vietnam visa for United Arab Emirates PR holding India passport

What is the name of your airport to book a seat on line also I am an Indian passport holder settled and resident at United Arab Emirates< but want to visit next month when I am at Bangkok (Thailand) How can get visa on arrival and what is the fee if can pay by credit card on line?

In Vietnam visa requirements, Asked by Ravi, posted date 20-03-2013     comments (1)

Vietnam Visa For Singapore PR holding Indian passport

Question:: Hi, I am a Singapore PR holding Indian passport, I am planning to visit Vietnam for business meetings. Am i eligible to apply visa online and how much is the visa fee? what documents I have to prepare . My company will bare all my expenses. Thanks & Regards Jayapalan

In Vietnam visa requirements, Asked by Jayapalan, posted date 20-03-2013     comments (1)


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