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  • The Use of Vietnam visa of multiple entries
    30 Aug 2013
    Question: I have a multiple entries Vietnam visa. Can you give me some information about the use of Vietnam visa of multiple entries? Can I to go out in bus to Cambodia i to return to enter in Vietnam with this multiple entry visa for Vietnam?...(Read more...)
  • Further notices on Vietnam tourist visa for Canadians
    29 Aug 2013
    According to updated information about Vietnam immigration policy for Canada citizens, there are further notices on Vietnam tourist visa for Canadians as below:...(Read more...)
  • How long is the Vietnam visa valid after issue?
    29 Aug 2013
    Question: We are planning to travel to Vietnam by land from Thailand with a stop in Cambodia. Is it possible to apply for the Vietnamese visa in Bangkok? If yes, how long is the Vietnam visa valid after issue? Thank you for your help....(Read more...)
  • Renewing 3 months Vietnam visa
    28 Aug 2013
    Question: Hi, I’m in Vietnam with a 3 month visa got at Noi Bai airport. My visa will be expired 2 weeks later, but I wish to stay in Vietnam longer than my visa’s duration. Is renewing 3 months Vietnam visa applicable for my situation?...(Read more...)
  • Over staying in Vietnam
    27 Aug 2013
    According to Vietnam immigration policy, foreigners are required to have a valid Vietnam visa to stay in the country legally. However, in some case, the visa is expired, but visa holders still has not yet exited Vietnam without extending current Vietnam visa. These cases will be considered as overstaying in Vietnam that visa holders are required to pay fine fee for this action....(Read more...)
  • Noi Bai arrival immigration
    26 Aug 2013
    In case foreigners just transit at Noi Bai airport around few hours and you will not exit the airport, Vietnam visa is not required. In this case, you are advised to stay in transit area as guidance of staff in the airport during the transit time and wait for next schedule. The transit visa for Vietnam is not required in this case. In contrast, if you plan to go out of transit area at Noi Bai airport, you are required to apply for Vietnam visa....(Read more...)
  • Vietnam visa for long stay and family
    24 Aug 2013
    Question: We are a family planning to travel to Vietnam at the end of this year. We wish to stay in the country for a long time as my husband has quite long business trip there. How can we get Vietnam visa for long stay and family?...(Read more...)
  • Receive Vietnam visa at Saigon airport
    22 Aug 2013
    The latest immigration law of Vietnam Immigration Department regulates that Vietnam visa on arrival is applicable for foreigners from almost countries. Visa on arrival can be picked up at one of three Vietnam international airports including Sai Gon- Tan Son Nhat airport....(Read more...)
  • Vietnam Visa for Jordanian Citizen
    21 Aug 2013
    am American with US Passport. My girlfriend is Jordanian with Jordanian Passport. Does she need an entry visa for Vietnam? Thanks...(Read more...)

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