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  • Change of travel dates to Vietnam
    28 Oct 2013
    Question What if I have a change of travel dates to Vietnam after the Approval Letter is issued? Do I have to re-apply and pay a new fee? Or do I just inform you and get a new Approval letter with no charges? ...(Read more...)
  • Stamping fees for Vietnam visa on arrival
    24 Oct 2013
    Question: Just to confirm, for 2 applicants we pay 36.50usd service fee and then 45usd each on arrival? One of your pages says 25usd stamping fee on arrival for single entry one month visa to Vietnam and as you get further into the process it says 45usd? Just wanted to confirm before application. Thanks ...(Read more...)
  • Lost Passport in Vietnam
    07 Oct 2013
    Passport is a solely important document to identify who you are, containing Vietnam visa that allows you to reside in Vietnam legally. However, carelessly or unfortunately you lost your passport while you reside in Vietnam, at the time please be calm down and do as the below guidance to deal in case you lost passport in Vietnam....(Read more...)
  • The unknown names are displayed on my Vietnam Visa Approval Letter
    07 Oct 2013
    Question My Vietnam visa approval letter has been sent to me however, there are four different names displayed instead of my name and the name of the other person i am traveling with. Can you please send me another email as soon as possible displaying my name and the other girl's name that I wrote on the visa application as soon as possible?...(Read more...)
  • The Use of Vietnam visa of multiple entries
    07 Oct 2013
    Question Can I to go out in bus to Cambodia I to return to enter in Vietnam with this multiple entry visa for Vietnam?...(Read more...)
  • Vietnam visa extension requirement
    07 Oct 2013
    According to Vietnam Immigration law, foreigners wishing to enter and stay in Vietnam are required to have a valid Vietnam visa. For those who are staying in Vietnam already, if you want to stay in Vietnam longer and do not intend to exit the country, Vietnam visa extension is a must. Vietnam visa extension requirement as below:...(Read more...)
  • Vietnam tourist visa requirements
    07 Oct 2013
    Hi, we are planning to travel to Vietnam for few weeks. As I know Vietnam tourist visa is necessary for foreigners wishing to visit your country. Can you give m some details on Vietnam tourist visa requirements?...(Read more...)
  • Vietnam visa for Cruise ship travelers
    13 Sep 2013
    Question: I am going to enter Vietnam by a cruise ship. Can I apply for Vietnam visa through your website? Is there Vietnam Visa on arrival for cruise ship travelers to Vietnam? If not, can you give me some details about Vietnam visa for cruise ship travelers? ...(Read more...)
  • Where to get visa to Vietnam?
    30 Aug 2013
    Question: Hi, we are planning to enter Vietnam for a tourist trip in 3 weeks. May I know where to get visa to Vietnam? Can we get Vietnam visa online or it should be at Vietnam embassy?...(Read more...)
  • Notices when applying for Vietnam tourist visa for Saudi Arabia
    30 Aug 2013
    Like almost other Middle East countries, citizens in Saudi Arabia now have a chance to apply for Vietnam visa when they desire to visit Vietnam for tourist or visit purpose. However, there are some notices when applying for Vietnam tourist visa for Saudi Arabia as below:...(Read more...)

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