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Vietnam visa types

I visited your web site at the recommendation of my travel agent. My wife and I plan to visit Vietnam and Cambodia on an organized tour with Uniworld in January. The tour will entail arriving in Hanoi, then to Ho Chi Minh City, then on to Siem Reap, Ankor Wat, river cruise on Mekong River, and finally some time at Ha Long Bay. I understand that we will be entering VN twice during this tour. I am somewhat confused with the entry for time of visa (1 month single/multiple) and also the type of visa (on entry or code). Can you please guide me through this process for visas to VN and Cambodia? Thank you. John F. Grisoni

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How does Vietnam visa approval letter/code works

Hello, I am Li Ling Li. I do not know what the approval letter/ code is at all. Today, i just got the email below from your company. Can you tell me how my arrival visa is going and when i can get it? Thanks.

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Visa multiple six months

Dear Sir/Madam, I have just applied for a 6 months multiple VISA. My name is ALFONSO CARLOS COBO ESPEJO. I will arrive to Hanoi on Tuesday 15th January. I would like to pay by bank transfer tomorrow. Will I have enough time to receive the approval letter on time? Thanks in advance. Best regards, Alfonso

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Applying Vietnam visa for two entries

We are going to Vietnam 15.01 for 2 weeks, then travel Asia and return to SGN to fly home 25.02. Is it easier to get 3month multi or we can get 2 single visas to use in Jan and the Feb? Is it possible to enter each month on a separate visa? Thank you

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Online form query

Hello, I am currently in Thailand and want to apply for a visa to enter Vietnam. I started to fill in the online form but when you select the 'Port of Arrival' field, it does not give the option of Moc Bai (as we are making a land crossing). Should I just go to the Vietnamese Embassy in Bangkok? Thank you, Mr. Sam Jarvis

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Six month visa

Question:: What type of Visa shall i apply if my son will stay in Vietnam for 6 months for Job Training. and what are the requirements needed? How many days will it be released?

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6 month visa requirement

Hallo can I do 6 month visa at Malaysia?what kind of document that You need?How much I have to pay? can You send me the new price for Vietnam visa?

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