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Applying for business visa

i have been a frequent visitor to vietnam and i love the people and culture and i use to get 3 month tourist visas on arrival and i could extend, however this is changing... i read your website and you suggested a business visa good for 3 months, but with a business visa don't i have to have an employer or prove that i am doing business in vietnam???? if not, how much is the business visa, do i also need a letter to get the visa at airport? if so how much are all associated cost for the 3 month business visa? can i pay with credit/debit card (VISA)? thanks tlaloc

In Vietnam visa requirements, Asked by Tlaloc Tokuda , posted date     comments (1)

Vietnam visa for Kenya citizen

Hello, I am a Kenyan citizen hoping to travel to Vietnam in August, for a holiday with my friend. I am unable to apply for a visa online as it doesn't offer 'Kenyan' as a nationality option, and so now I am unsure as to how i may obtain a visa. I was hoping you could help me find out more. Kind regards, Camilla

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Hanoi airport transit visa

Hi, I have a good friend (my tour guide from my trip in January) who lives in Hanoi. It just so happens that this coming July, I have a 3.25 hour layover in Hanoi airport and was wondering if there was any way that we could meet him inside the airport for that brief layover time. We do not plan on leaving the airport. Is there any way to avoid getting a visa since we do not plan on exiting the airport since that would save us time as the layover is not that long to begin with. Would he be able to enter the airport and is there any place where we could meet for a quick cup of coffee or something like that? Or even a spot near the customs area where we could see each other for a little bit? Thanks so much! Let me know if you have any suggestions on how we could handle this. I would really love to see my Vietnamese friend since it's not too often that I find myself in Hanoi. Thanks, Rachel

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Vietnam visa for South Korean citizen

Hi, I am a South Korean citizen planning to visit Vietnam in November. According to your website I cannot request a 30 day or 90 day visa before coming to Vietnam, so should I first enter Vietnam with Vietnam visa exemption for 15 days and extend the visa once I am in Vietnam? And is it possible for South Korean citizens to extend the visa to a 3 months tourist visa? Or do I need to keep extending it after each month? Also if I extend the visa does the Vietnamese International airports change my return flight date according to the extensions that I've made? Looking forward to your reply. Thank you. Regards

In Vietnam visa requirements, Asked by Ilrok Hong, posted date     comments (1)

Vietnam visa for Denmark citizen

I am a Danish citizen and I'll be traveling to Vietnam for less than 15 days, do I need a visa?

In Vietnam visa requirements, Asked by Rehimsherif, posted date     comments (1)

Vietnam visa for Egypt citizen

Dear sir , i would like to know the Requirements of Vietnam visa and its fees for Egyptian citizens ( African Countries ) , because I've read the following article at your website : * The above quoted fees are not applied for citizens of India, Central East countries, and African countries. Those citizens wishing to apply for Vietnam visa should contact us for specific advice.

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Requirements to get Vietnam visa

I read that Indian can also get their visa stamped once they have approval letter. What all documents I will need to show at airport to make stamping process smooth. I am worried about fact that any missing document may deny visa stamping once i am at airport. if I get visa in India itself I feel more secure

In Vietnam visa requirements, Asked by Makrand Lowalekar, posted date     comments (1)

Renew Vietnam visa

I have got category D visa and its valid until 14/01/2013 but my departure date has changed to 13/01/2013...can i extend my visa or cancel current visa and apply for new visas?

In Vietnam visa requirements, Asked by Avani, posted date     comments (1)

Vietnam visa for Tunisia citizen residing in China

Hello, I am tunisian and I live in Shanghai, China. My husband , my daughter and I (both of them are french citizens) planned to visit vietnam from February 2nd to february 17th. I went today to the Vietnamese consulate in Shanghai and they told me that I need first an approval letter (they couldn't tell where and how to get it, they were a little bit lost). Could you tell me if I can apply online on your website to get the approval letter? If I can't, do you know what do I have to do? Thank you very much for your help, Aida

In Vietnam visa requirements, Asked by Aida Despature, posted date     comments (1)

Visa requirement for Jordan citizen

Dear Sirs, I am from Jordan and I need to get a tourist visa for vietnam. On your website you say that "ordinary Jordan passport holders are not approved to have Vietnam Visa in conventional way.", what does this mean? and how can I get a visa? Thank you very much. Kind regards, Ziad

In Vietnam visa requirements, Asked by Ziad Marzouka, posted date     comments (1)


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