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Vietnam visa approval code

Dear Jenny I'm considering crossing into Vietnam at Na Meo or Tay Trang. Can I organise a Visa for that with you? I think I will need a 3 month Visa. Many thanks Will Church

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Vietnam visa for Mauritius

I am from Mauritius and I'm planning to visit Vietnam in May. However I will enter through land from Cambodia. Can you please advise what Visa Type shall I apply for, how can all this be done and how much will it costs for 4 persons. Thank you and kind regards, James.

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Query regarding VISA for INDIAN nationals for tourism purpose

Dear Sir/Madam, I and my parents (my father and mother) intend to travel to Vietnam for tourism purpose in July, 2013. After going through your website I have a few queries regarding the procedure of obtaining the VISA. As per your website- After applying through "" and payment of VISA fees, I will receive either a VISA approval letter or code. With this letter in hand I can either get the VISA at the airport or the Embassy. What I want to is, do I need to make any extra payment at the airport if I want my VISA to be stamped at the airport. If so how much is that? also, is that an instant process or a few days will be required for that. In case I want to get the VISA stamped from the Embassy in India, where should I go? Reagrds, Saptaparni Ghosh

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Business Visa

Dear Sir/Madam, I received an approval letter from my friend in Vietnam stating that I am allowed to enter and exit Vietnam for the purpose of business activity (multuple times in the period of 3 months. Is this treated as a business visa? Thank you!

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Enter Vietnam by cruise

Im taking a cruise and stoping in different ports in Vietnam, If I apply for my Vietnam visa via internet, do I get it stamp upon my arrival to Vietnam or do you send me a document? Do i have to email you the photos or via regular mail? thank you

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Entering Vietnam by crossing the border

My boyfriend and I will travel to Vietnam via Singapore 21st February 2013 crossing the border after few days to Cambodia and Laos. I would like to know the validity of the visa you provide: is it valid for one month from issuing date or longer? When do you suggest we apply for it? Sending the passports to the embassy will take long and I do not like the idea of leaving my passport out of sight, so would you recommend the Visa upon arrival? Is it safe? or will the Vietnamese authorities create problems? Thank you in advance for your reply. Sarah Frosio

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Re entry visa

Hello, can you please help me. My husband and I have a 3 month visa for Vietnam from Australia. We want to go to Siam Reap Cambodia on Wednesday 5th September, we will be in Ho Chi Minh City. Can you tell me how to get a re entry visa for Vietnam because we have a flight booked home from HCMC on the 13th September. I would like to do this quickly if possible. Can I purchase a re entry visa from HCMC or Siam Reap within this time I look forward to your reply

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Visa for driving to Vietnam

Hi- I am going to be driving to Vietnam, and am a US citizen. I plan to apply for a visa through your website, but I would like to know if I can get the visa stamped at the border, not the airport. Thank you very much. Regards, David Hong

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Business visa on arrival

To Whom It May Concern, My name is Igor Romcevic, I am Australian citizen who wants to apply for a 6 months business type visa on arrival so that I can teach English in Vietnam. I am at the moment in Vietnam, Da Lat, with the tourist visa, however, the visa will expire in about 20 days, so I need to go out of Vietnam anyhow, most likely to Cambodia. I will then fly back to Saigon, therefore, if I have a business visa on arrival, it may be easier. Could you please give me any further advise before I decide to continue with the application. Kind regards, Igor

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Vietnam visa overland

Dear all, I'd like to apply for e-visa (italian citizen), but I'm not sure it can be used even if I don't take a flight to arrive in Vietnam. I'll pass throuhg cambodia's border by bus: it is possible to use e-visa in that case? Because reading instruction, it seems to be valid only for airports... Thanks a lot

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