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Payment for visa approval code in Vietnam Embassy in Nigeria

Hi Sir/Ma, i fill in an application form on the 11th April 2013. To get my visa stamped at the vietnam embassy in nigeria after recieving the approval letter as directed for nigerian citizens. however is only credit card option they gave as for service payment. Can i pay with bank transfering? If yes, please send me bank transfering details or am i to pay directly at the embassy with the stamping fee. Because am no longer geting it right. Thanks and GOD bless u. FINIAN T.

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Stamping fee

HELLO I want to know how much dollars do I need for stamping? "4. Prepare some US dollars by cash for visa stamping fee (paid by yourself at the Embassy)" thanks. LIU LIYANG

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Stamping support service

Dear Who it may concern, I received the Visa Approval Letter for the applicant ( Ms ZHANG HUI MIN – CHINA CITIZEN ) from your side. But regarding the Stamp Visa Services USD 25, is it compulsory need to pay when upon arrival ? If don’t pay for this USD 25, still can enter to Vietnam ? Million appreciated if you could answer my question as above mention. Look for your next reply as soon as possible Thanks & Regards, Kenji See (MR)

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Paying Visa approval fee

Hello, I just applied for Vietnamese visa on-line via your website, and discovered that the fee is 240 USD… Is it possible to pay the visa fee after the visa is approved? Of course prior to my arrival in Hanoi. Thanks, Omar El Harit

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Payment on arrival

Hi there, I just wanted to clarify that as I have paid $45US I do not need to pay anything in the airport terminal on arrival? Thanks, Niamh

In Vietnam visa fee, Asked by Niamh, posted date     comments (1)

Requiement of stamping fee

We are using your visa stamping assistance. I received your e-mail telling me what the fees would be in USD. Does this mean I should pay in dollars only or can it be paid in either VG or USD. i understand it will be $45 USD for each of us. Thank You

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Stamping fee at the airport

Hello, I just got the confirmation e-mail from Paypal saying that I have paid $45 for the visa and stamping fees. The email I just received from you says that I also need to prepare $45 USD upon arrival at the airport--is this correct? Why am I paying twice? Thanks!

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Stamp Cost at Vietnam Embassy

What is the cost for the embassy in Singapore to stamp the visa in a passport? Regards, Peter

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