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  • Vietnam visa for Bolivia citizens
    29 Sep 2015
    After getting independence, Vietnam has established diplomatic relationship with many countries all over the world and Bolivia is one of those countries. With a long term relationship, there are many constructive changes of Vietnam’s policy including visa policy for citizens of this country. So what is Vietnam visa for Bolivia citizens? Following article will bring to you exact answer....(Read more...)
  • Vietnam visa for Greece citizens
    23 Sep 2015
    People holding Greece passport need to apply for visa before entering to Vietnam. Actually, getting visa to Vietnam is not a difficult job. However, for people who do this task for the first time, there are some confused things for you. Thus, noting down following information about Vietnam visa for Greece citizens is very helpful....(Read more...)
  • Vietnam visa for Argentina citizens
    23 Sep 2015
    Question: Hi, I and my friend are from Argentina and we would like to participate a training program in Vietnam next month. Could you please let me know can we apply for visa to Vietnam and what is Vietnam visa for Argentina citizens? ...(Read more...)
  • Vietnam visa for Israel citizens
    18 Sep 2015
    Although being a country in Central East, citizens of Israel can apply for visa to enter Vietnam easily like citizens of countries in other regions. However, there are still some differences regarding Vietnam visa for Israel citizens. Let’s spend a few minutes reading following information to get what you need to know....(Read more...)
  • Vietnam visa for Egypt citizens
    11 Sep 2015
    It has been 50 years since that day Vietnam and Egypt established diplomatic relationship. With long time, two countries has co-operated in many fields including tourist, economic, polity, etc. Regarding tourist field, Vietnam has changes many policies aiming to facilitate Egypt citizens visiting and discovering Vietnam. One of important changes is Vietnam visa policy. In order to know exactly about Vietnam visa for Egypt citizens, reader can spend time reading below article....(Read more...)
  • Vietnam visa for Bulgaria citizens
    08 Sep 2015
    Being a Southeast European country, Bulgaria is far away from Vietnam-an Asia country thousand of kilometer. However, there are many Bulgaria people wishing to visit Vietnam to discover a new land and new culture. In order to enter Vietnam, as many other European citizens, Bulgaria citizens must apply for a visa. Following article is composed aiming to bring to Bulgaria citizens in particular and other citizens in general information about Vietnam visa for Bulgaria citizens....(Read more...)
  • Vietnam visa for Austria citizens
    04 Sep 2015
    Basing upon updated Vietnam visa policy for foreigners who are not in exemption list of Vietnam, a visa must be applied if they want to enter Vietnam for any purpose. Therefore, Austria citizens need to apply for visa in order to come to Vietnam as this nationality is out of that list. Understanding clearly some basic information about Vietnam visa for Austria citizens as below will be very useful for you....(Read more...)
  • Vietnam visa for Myanmar citizens
    31 Aug 2015
    Question: Hello, my name is Anna Chang, I come from Myanmar and have a Myanmar passport. I plan to visit Vietnam and make a small survey in this country. Do I have to apply for visa to enter the country? What should i know about Vietnam visa for Myanmar citizens? ...(Read more...)
  • Vietnam visa for Ukraine citizens
    26 Aug 2015
    According to Vietnam immigration policy applied for foreigners, a visa is demanded in case your nationality is not in visa exemption list of Vietnam. Being citizens of Ukraine, you must apply for visa if you want to visit Vietnam as this country is not listed in that exemption list. To get visa to Vietnam without any difficulty or trouble, you are recommended keeping in mind some information about Vietnam visa for Ukraine citizens as below....(Read more...)
  • Vietnam visa for South Korea citizens
    20 Aug 2015
    Being a country listed in Vietnam visa exemption list, citizens coming from South Korea do not need to apply for visa if you just want to spend less than 15 days in the country. However, for those who need to stay for a longer time, a visa is request. Thus, you are recommended concern information about Vietnam visa for South Korea citizens. ...(Read more...)

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