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Visas for Brazilians enterring Vietnam by boat

Hello, I will be arriving by boat to Ho Chi Minh and I would like to know how i can accommodate my crew of 10 people (all Brazilians) to have visas when we enter the country. We are part of a Brazilian Expedition that will circumnavigate the world on a sailboat. I am looking forward to some answers such as what is the cost for the entire crew. How should we apply for these Visas since the crew members will be at sea starting in Our stay will be for 15 days. Thank you, Emmanuel Schurmann

In Visa procedures, Asked by Emmanuel Schurmann, posted date     comments (1)

Vietnam visa for vacation

Hi, I am an Indian National and would like to travel to Vietnam for vacation. Please let me know the visa processes and the cost. Regards,

In Visa procedures, Asked by Swarna Lakshmi, posted date     comments (1)

Can EU citizens apply for Vietnam visa on arrival?

Could you provide the details about getting Vietnamese visa for the EU citizens? Are they able to get it on arrival? What is required for that? Best regards, Ekaterina Kubrak.

In Visa on arrival, Asked by Ekaterina Kubrak, posted date     comments (1)

Getting Vietnam visa at Vietnam consulate in Nanning, China

i need guide for my visa , i am from costa rica and i wanna arrive by land to hanoi from nanning

In Embassy visa, Asked by Deiby, posted date     comments (1)

Apply for Vietnam visa before the Lunar Tet holiday

If i applied now when can i get the visa? I think Vietnamese holiday will start soon, and my arrival date is 01/02/2014 can i get it before this date?

In Others queries, Asked by Meshal, posted date     comments (1)

What is SSS- stamping support service?

What does stamping support service mean? Thank you!

In Others queries, Asked by Joseph, posted date     comments (1)

Information in visa approval letter

hello I have received my visa approval letter and when i see the approval letter i see there are names of 2 more people mentioned on the approval letter is that valid. because i have a format of the approval letter , where they mention about the passport number , expiry date of the passport , birth date and the letter send by you some information is missing . can you please check and confirm thanks bye venky

In Others queries, Asked by Venky, posted date     comments (1)

How to get Vietnam business visa?

I am here to ask how should i do if i want to apply for a business visa for vietnam

In Visa procedures, Asked by Yusupha Krubally, posted date     comments (1)

What are the advantages of SSS (stamping support service)?

Dear Jenifer, I have been to Vietnam twice before, but on both occasions I applied for visa at the Vietnamese Consulate before I travelled. I have a question about our service named SSS. Does the Stamping Support Service save time? What are the other advantages? Regards, Brian

In Others queries, Asked by BRIAN GERARD, posted date     comments (1)

How to get Vietnam visa for India citizens living in Malaysia for a long time?

dear sir 1) i'm a indian passport holder now i residing in malaysia ,i would like to visit to vietnam.did i have to apply for a visa in kuala lumpur vietnam embassy or can i go to vietnam and get arrivel visa at the airport in vietnam?is that possible to get the visa there?for your information i"m a permanent resident from 1968. 2) my family also holding indian passport with malaysian visa for a long term ,thats mean from year 1996 my family was in malaysia.for them also can i get the arrivel visa or i have to apply visa at the kuala lumpur vietnam embassy? i neet to get the answer as fast u can becauce we decidet to visit vietnam on february 2014. thank you.

In Visa procedures, Asked by Mohd yunus, posted date     comments (1)


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