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What is the total cost of Vietnam visa at present?

  • VSCZ-Vietnam-visa-on-arrival-fee-from-Czech-RepublicTogether with some changes of visa policy, the cost of visa is also different from the previous time. So, what is the total cost of Vietnam visa at present? Let’s spend a few minutes reading below article to find out answer.

       1.   The cost of visa approval fee

    Visa approval fee is type of fee that applicants are required to pay to process pre-approved visa for you. This type of fee will be collected by the visa agent which works with Vietnam Immigration Department to send your visa request on your behalf. Visa approval fee is changed basing on type of visa that applicants request. Detailed visa approval fee for applicants is quoted clearly as below table:

    Visa type Approval fee (USD/person)
    One month single USD 18
    One month multiple USD 23
    Three month single USD 28
    Three month multiple USD 80


    It is notice that, the above fee is not applied for Indian citizens or citizens coming from Africa or Central East countries. If you are citizens of those countries, you should contact our support team to get exact approval fee.

    Visa approval fee is required to be paid before your visa request is issued as the Immigration Department demands the agent to submit this fee in advance.

    Visa approval fee will contain urgent service fee if applicants request for those service. Thus, in this case, visa approval fee will be higher.

       2.   The cost of stamping fee

    Applicants pay stamping fee to be stamped an official visa onto passport. Stamping fee in case of getting Vietnam visa on arrival at international airport of Vietnam is same for every foreigner. Exact fee is USD 45 for single entry visa of one month or three months, USD 65 for multiple entries visa of no more than 29 days and USD 95 for multiple entries visa with duration of more than 29 days and less than 90 days. Otherwise, for applicants getting visa at Vietnam embassy after applying online, stamping fee will be charge by the embassy and this fee is base on policy of each embassy. Thus, it is very various. Applicants must contact the embassy beforehand if you want to know exact stamping fee to prepare.

    Both approval fee and stamping fee are required to complete if foreigners want to have a visa to Vietnam. Studying specific visa fee will be useful for foreigners to avoid any trouble regarding visa fee.

    For further information about what is the total cost of Vietnam visa at present, please contact us via email support@visaforvietnam.org or hotline (84) 975 85 66 33.

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