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What are Vietnam visa requirement for foreigners?

  • vietnam-visa-requirement-cong-dan-cong-hoa-lien-bang-duc-392In order to have visa to Vietnam, all of foreigners must satisfy some requirements. However, there are some differences regarding requirement for different visa types. Following article will provide answer for question what are Vietnam visa requirements for foreigners?

       1.   General visa requirements for foreigners

    An original passport with six months of validity and two empty pages is the first general requirements that all of foreigners must have to get Vietnam visa. If your passport meets this requirement, you can obtain visa immediately. Otherwise, you must extend or renew it before applying. Besides passport, foreigners also need to prepare two photos in passport sized.

       2.   Visa requirement in case of getting visa on arrival

    Applying for Vietnam visa on arrival, foreigners have permission to get official visa when arriving one of three international airports of Vietnam. To be able to pick up visa there, there are some requirements that foreigners need to prepare in advance:

    An issued Vietnam visa approval letter. Together with passport, this visa letter is an important document that you must get ready before getting on plane to Vietnam. To have this visa approval letter, foreigners can apply online by submitting Vietnam visa application and then completing payment for visa approval fee through PayPal, Bank Transfer or Western Union. The letter is an electronic document, so it will be sent to you via registered email.

    An application for entry and exit Vietnam. Normally this application will be sent to you at same time with the visa letter, and to save time, foreigners should complete this application at home.

       3.   Visa requirement in case of getting visa at embassy

    In order to request Vietnam embassy visa, foreigners first of all need to access to website of the embassy and download a visa application. You then should fill in it with required information as guidance.

    If foreigners come from Africa or Central countries, you may need to have some extra requirements that the embassy demands besides passport, photos and visa application. For specific details, you had better contact the embassy.

    In conclusion, visa requirements to get visa for Vietnam are not too complicated, especially if you apply for Vietnam visa upon arrival. Preparing enough requirements will help you to save time and get visa in the best way.

    For further information for question what are Vietnam visa requirements, please send an email to support@visaforvietnam.org or call to hotline number (84) 975 85 66 33.

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