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The validity length of Vietnam visa approval letter

  • In order to get official visa at Vietnam International airport, foreigners need to have a valid visa approval letter issued by the Immigration department. An issued visa letter only allows foreigners to use it to enter and stamp Vietnam visa during its validity. Therefore, determining exact the validity length of Vietnam visa approval letter is an important task

       1.   The valid time of visa approval letter

    Visa approval letter is granted basing on the arrival date noted in visa application when foreigners submit online. Therefore, the validity length of the letter will be counted from the date that you select as your arrival date instead of the date that you apply for the letter. For example, if foreigners submit application for one month single visa with April 16th, 2015 as your arrival date. Your visa letter will be valid from April 16th, 2015 to one month later or May 16th, 2015. Foreigners should note that the letter will be invalid if you enter Vietnam earlier the arrival date noted in the letter. Therefore, it is important to create your plan basing on the letter and enter the country within its valid duration.

       2.   Procedure to get the visa letter

    With assistance of Vietnam visa agency like Visaforvietnam.org, getting visa approval letter become very easy. At first, foreigners just need to fill in Vietnam visa application on the applying page. You should remember that all your filled information need to be same as what shown in your passport. After completing the application, you should follow guideline of the system to implement the next step of paying visa approval fee through PayPal, Bank Transfer or Western Union . Currently, this fee is to process the letter for you and the agency will collect it then pay to the Immigration Department. A visa letter needs two business day in normal to issue, so after that time, foreigners can receive it through your email. Then, you should print it out and put into your bag with other necessary things.

       3.   Procedure to stamp official visa with issued visa letter

    At Vietnam international airport, there is a counter name Vietnam visa on arrival  or landing visa where foreigners can come after getting off plane to complete stamping procedure. The immigration officer working there will require you to show your passport, visa approval letter, photos and application for entry and exit Vietnam. After checking carefully all your document and receive stamping fee, he/she will stamp official visa onto passport.


    For those who need to enter Vietnam one day earlier than the arrival date of visa letter, you should contact the airline in advance because normally with one day earlier, the airport allows you to get on board and stamp visa upon your arrival Vietnam airport.

    For further information about the validity length of Vietnam visa approval letter, please send an email to support@visaforvietnam.org or hotline (+84) 975 85 66 33.

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