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Important remark to get visa to Vietnam in rush situation

  • Although Vietnam visa is a required document for almost all foreigners wishing to visit the country, many people somehow forget about this requirement. This leads to compulsory case of getting visa in urgent. Following information mentions some important remarks to get visa to Vietnam in rush situation.

       1.   Vietnam visa on arrival is the best option

    With rush situation, foreigners just have a little time to complete applying procedure and receive your visa result afterward. However, when getting visa in traditional way at Vietnam embassy, the processing time for a visa request is three business days upward. Because of this reason, choosing Vietnam visa on arrival is strongly recommended. With this visa type, foreigners are eligible to use urgent or super-urgent service to speed up processing time. So that, you will be able to get your visa just after a short processing time.

       2.   All submitted information must be exact

    For urgent case, there is often no time to correct mistake after visa issued, so foreigners need to make sure that every detail you fill in visa application online must be identified to what shown in your passport. In addition, because there is no original document required in applying online stage, foreigners should ensure about your information, especially in this rush situation.

       3.   Using fast-transferring method

    Currently, foreigners have three payment methods to send visa approval fee when applying for visa on arrival: PayPal, Bank Transfer, or Western Union. However, Bank Transfer normally takes a few days to let money go through, so in rush situation, you are advised sending payment for visa approval fee through PayPal or Western Union to save time.

       4.   Getting ready required documents

    Besides an issued visa approval letter, foreigners need to have other documents to stamp official visa upon arrival at Vietnam airport namely original passport with validity of more than six months and two empty pages at least, two photos in passport-size, application for entry and exit Vietnam and some dollars for stamping fee (for exact amount, you can visit Vietnam visa fee page).

       5.   Remembering steps to apply for visa

    In order to get visa smoothly and fluently, foreigners had better keep in mind following steps:

    • Find a Vietnam visa agency on the internet like Visaforvietnam.org
    • Access to their website and submit Vietnam visa application as guidance
    • Send visa approval fee to process visa approval letter
    • Check your visa status frequently
    • Check your registered email and download the visa letter after four working hours (super-urgent) or eight working hours (urgent).
    • Print the letter out and bring it with other documents to Vietnam international airport to get official visa.

    For further information about important remarks to get visa to Vietnam in rush situation, please contact us via email support@visaforvietnam.org or hotline (+84) 975 85 66 33.

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