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Getting Vietnam visa in urgent cases

  • imagesApplying for a valid visa is the first thing that almost all foreigners need to do if you want to enter Vietnam. Normally, the best time to start applying is three to five days before your estimated arrival date. However, in fact there are many cases that you forget to obtain visa beforehand. Thus, in those circumstances, following information about getting Vietnam visa in urgent cases will be helpful.  

    How many types of urgent service that foreigners can apply?

    Currently, when applying for visa via our Visaforvietnam.org, foreigners are available to choose between following urgent services:

    Urgent service with one working day: This service needs at least eight working hours to process pre-approved visa request. The plus fee for urgent service is USD 10 for one person.

    Super-urgent service with four working hours: Using this service, foreigners are applicable to receive issued Vietnam visa approval letter just after four working hours since you submitted visa application and payment. To get visa with this service, foreigners must pay USD 25/person together with approval fee.

    Super-urgent service with one working hour: Foreigners can have your visa result just after one working hours of waiting with this service. The plus fee for this service is USD 50/person for one month single visa. For citizens of China, India, the plus fee will be higher which is USD 55/person.

    What should foreigners do in urgent case?  

    There are some notices that foreigners should pay attention if you are in urgent case to get visa to Vietnam:

    Use Vietnam visa on arrival only: Actually, foreigners can get both visa embassy and visa on arrival. However, for urgent cases, only visa on arrival is suitable as it takes a least a few working days to process visa at the embassy.

    Contact our agent via phone before applying for visa to have exact direction to apply

    Check your email frequently to receive our email regarding your visa request and received your visa result after processing time.

    Using PayPal or Western Union to send your visa approval fee to save money, Bank Transfer is not a good option in this case as this payment method needs a long time to send money.

    Remember each applying steps: submit Vietnam visa application, send visa fee, check email to get visa result and use the visa approval letter to stamp visa at Vietnam international airport.

    In case you have any comment, question or feedback regarding getting Vietnam visa in urgent case, please send email to support@visaforvietnam.org or call to hotline (84) 975 85 66 33.

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