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Advices on Vietnam business visa for foreigners

  • 20150618-mien-thi-thuc-cho-cong-dan-5-nuoc-vao-viet-nam-1Regarding purpose of entry to Vietnam, foreigners are permitted to apply for business or tourist visa. However, currently requirement to apply for business visa is more complicated and difficult than those to apply for tourist visa. Following is some advices on Vietnam business visa for foreigners that will be helpful for you.

    When should apply for business visa?

    Business visa is a type of visa that suitable for those who enter Vietnam for setting business or working with a partner in the country. For foreigners just go to Vietnam to visit or travel, a Vietnam tourist visa is what you need to have.

    How to apply for business visa?

    Actually, procedure to get a business visa is not different from procedure to apply for tourist visa with two main steps as below:

    Apply online for pre-approved Vietnam visa: In order to have a pre-approved visa, foreigners must be assisted by a visa agent in Vietnam. The agent will work with Vietnam Immigration Department and request the pre-approved document for you. Through the agent, foreigners just need to submit Vietnam visa application online and send payment for visa approval fee as directions of the system. It takes only two working days to issue a pre-approved visa request, so after that time; foreigners will receive your own document via email.

    Stamp official visa: this main steps need to be completed at Vietnam embassy or Vietnam international airport. Getting visa at embassy of Vietnam after applying is for those who use land or sea way to enter Vietnam and apply for Vietnam visa approval code. Meanwhile, going to international airport of Vietnam to pick up visa is for air travelers applying for Vietnam visa approval letter.

    What are requirements to apply for business visa?

    In the previous time, requirement to get business visa is same requirement to get tourist visa. For specific, foreigners just need to prepare a passport with six months of validity and two empty pages. However, at presently, to get a business visa, foreigners must have a business partner in Vietnam. The partner not only guarantees your entrance to Vietnam, but also provides some required documents to process business visa for you. They are invitation letter to the Immigration Department, working schedule of foreigner in Vietnam, business contracts of the Company, legal documents of the Company, etc. As long as the partner Company submitting enough required documents together with your visa application, foreigners can get business visa.

    For further advices on Vietnam business visa for foreigners, please send email to support@visaforvietnam.org or call to hotline number (84) 975 85 66 33.

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