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“Pho”- one kind of Vietnamese traditional food

  • “Pho”- one kind of Vietnamese traditional food

    “Pho”- one kind of Vietnamese traditional food

    Vietnamese traditional food is one of many things which attract foreigners to discover in Vietnam. In fact, many of traditional dishes can be made just as well on the side of the road as in a luxury restaurant.  One of them is “Pho”. So, what is “Pho” and how to cook this delicious food? Let’s spend a few minutes reading below article to find out answer.

       1.   What is “Pho”?

    “Pho” in a simple meaning is one kind of noodle food of Vietnamese people for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. “Pho” has two main flavous including beef and chicken.

       2.   How to cook “Pho”?

    Actually, steps to cook a bowl of “Pho” is not too difficult that even a foreigner can implement easily if you follow guidelines:

    Step 1: Prepare Ingredients

    • Beef bone: 2 kilogram
    • Beef : 500 gram
    • 5 whole  of star aniseed, 3 whole of cardamom sticks, 1 piece of cinnamon
    • 4 tubers of dried onions :
    • 1 piece of ginger
    • Spice: sugar, salt, chili, fish sauce…
    • Rice noodle: 1 kilogram
    • Flower onion, large onion

    Step 2: cook

    –         Get beef bones washed and drained

    –         Put the bone in the pot with water and simmer within 2 hours

    –         Put the grilled star aniseed, cardamom and dried onion in to the pot with beef bone, relish and then continue to simmer within 1 hour more

    –         Slice onion, and cut green onions, small spring onion and basil into small piece, parboil  rice noodle then put in to the bowl.

    –         If you want to eat mature beef noodle soup, you can put sliced beef into the pot of beef bone until it become soft and then take out the bowl, then add onion, basil and beef broth.

    –         If you want to eat underdone beef noodle soup, you can prepare a bowl of rice noodle, with onions, basil and other spice. Before eating you can parboil  sliced beef and then sprinkle the broth.


    It is very special and wonderful if we can by ourselves cook a bowl of “Pho”. Furthermore, doing this also helps you to more understand about beauty and quintessence of Vietnamese traditional food.

    If you have and feedback, question or comment related to Vietnam culture in general and “Pho” dish in particular, please contact us via email support@visaforvietnam.org or hotline (+84) 975 85 66 33.

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