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Apply Vietnam Visa Online |

Apply Vietnam Visa Online |

Vietnam visa is a compulsory document that all foreigners who are not in visa exemption list of Vietnam need to prepare before entering the country. Presently, besides getting visa directly, travelers also can request a visa online through visa agents. This section will provide detailed information as well as guideline on procedure of getting Vietnam visa online.


Requirement for getting visa online


Different from getting visa directly at Embassy of Vietnam, original passport of applicant is not required. However, you must assure that your passport meets requirement of having six months of validity and two blank pages upward.


Who should use Vietnam visa online?


Vietnam visa online is applicable for travelers entering Vietnam by any means of transportation. However, it should be notice that for those visiting Vietnam by air way, applying online for visa on arrival is highly encouraged. Meanwhile, applying online for visa code is suitable for those people visiting Vietnam by land or sea way.


Steps to apply for Vietnam visa online


Getting visa by this way, firstly, applicants need to apply online for pre-approved visa by completing following steps:

-          Filling in Vietnam visa application online

-          Transferring visa approval fee


Within two following business days, pre-approval visa will be issued and sent to applicant’s email. For those who applied for visa on arrival, once receiving Vietnam visa approval letter, you just need get on board to Vietnam together a copy of visa letter, your passport, photos and entry application. Upon arrival at Vietnam airport, you should present these documents and pay stamping fee to Immigration officers, so that you can get official Vietnam visa stamped.


For those who applied for visa code, the document you will receive is Vietnam visa approval code. After having the document, you should submit it accompany with your passport, and photos to your registered Vietnam Embassy for picking up official visa. After that, you are permitted on travel to Vietnam.


Vietnam visa online cost


Getting visa by this way, applicants need to pay two kinds of fee including visa approval fee and stamping fee no matter which type of visa you request. If traveler choose Vietnam visa upon arrival, approval fee and stamping fee is regulated clearly at Vietnam visa fee page. However, if you choose to get visa code, only approval cost is fixed. It is same to approval code to get visa on arrival. About stamping cost, it is various from Vietnam Embassy in different countries. For detailed fee, travelers should contact staff in charge at the Embassy directly.


For any further information about Vietnam visa online, please send our query to or call us (+84) 975 85 66 33.  


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