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Apply for visa to vietnam from within vietnam

Hi guys, Is it possible to obtain visa to Vietnam from within Vietnam? I am currently in Vietnam, but I would like to travel to Thailand for about a week and then return back to Vietnam. Cheers! Yaroslav Ilnytskyy, Ph.D.

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  • Dear Sir,Thank for contacting us!Please be advised that if you plan to exit Vietnam to travel to Thailand, and then come back Vietnam, you can apply for Vietnam visa in advance when you stay in Vietnam as below guidance:\nIn case if you return to Vietnam by airway, applying for Vietnam visa on arrival is highly recommended. To apply for Vietnam visa on arrival you just need to submit the online visa application at . After 2 working days, we will send you visa approval letter issued by Vietnam Immigration Department that allows you to get Vietnam visa stamped upon your arrival at Vietnam airport.In case, if you plan to come back Vietnam from Thailand by land, train, or seaway, we suggest that you should go to Vietnam Embassy in Thailand by yourself to pick up the visa code during the time you travel in this country as the process of getting a visa code there is very quick and convenient.We do hope that the above information is clear for you. Please let us know if you need further assistance.Many thanks and bets regard.Jenifer Lee.

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