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What is requirement to enter Vietnam?

If a teenager 17 years old Ukrainian citizen crosses the border of Vietnam with his mother whether to permit the father? And what should he/she prepare to enter Vietnam

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  • Dear Sir/Madam,Thank you for contacting us!Please be advised that every foreigner including adult and teenager needs to have Vietnam visa to enter the country legally. In case your child travel to Vietnam through the border by land way with mother or father ( father or mother is acceptable ), he/she can apply for Vietnam visa approval code to get official Vietnam visa at Vietnam embassy in the country your are residing. If your child has his//her own passport, to apply for Vietnam visa approval code, you can submit the online visa application at or you can complete the visa application form (in attached file) with correct information as shown in passport, and send back to us, and we will check and confirm with you.Then you should proceed the payment for visa approval fee. The detailed fee is USD 20/person for 1 month single, USD 25/person for 1 month multiple visa, USD 30/person for 3 months single visa, and USD 40/person for 3 month multiple visa.For transferring this payment, you can pay by your credit card, bank transfer or Western Union. Please advise us your preference, so that we can advise the further needful for you. It takes two working days to get your visa approval finished with normal request, and 1 working day with urgent request.We hope that the above information is clear for you. Please let us know if you need further assistance.Many thanks and best regard. enifer Lee.

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