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Hello. I'm Anna. How can i help you today?

How can i stay longer in Vietnam ?

Hi! My name is Dasha. As a citizen of Russian Federation, I arrived to Vietnam without visa. But now I want to obtain it. What should I do? Now I'm in Ho Chi Minh, where should I go?

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Can i extend my Vietnam visa 6 months more?

Dear Sir or Madam, I am a British Citizen currently in Vietnam on a B3 visa which expires on 10/01/2014. I would like to extend this visa by 3, 6 months or possibly longer with out leaving Vietnam. (1) What options are available? (2) How much are the extension fees? (3)How long does it take to arrange? (4)What paperwork do I need to complete? Yours faithfully, Mark Double

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Can i extend my Vietnam visa?

Dear support member I am a recent 2 time visa holder currently in Vietnam Both my visas were 3 month tourist single entry The latest one is still valid till 06/01/2014 I wanted to apply for 3 month extension, but the dept has denied me Could you tell me can your visa agent assist me to extend my Vietnam. Thanks and regards, Niraj

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How to extend my Vietnam visa

Hello, My Vietnam visa will expire on Jan 1. I would like to renew for 3 months. Does the renew date starts Jan 1 + 3 months? Thank you, Hanna

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Can Japanese extend Vietnam visa more than 1 time?

Dear Sir/Madam, Vietnam visa of my Japanese friend will expire on December 17th, 2013. Because he has extended his visa one time, he does not know that his visa can be extended more or not. And what should he do to stay longer in Vietnam while he Vietnam visa is going to expire.

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Overstay in Vietnam, what should i do?

Hi there, Im an Australian traveler and my visa is valid until the 16th of December 2013 and i accidentally made my flight on the 17th of December at 9am. Do you think it is possible to avoid a fine as i will only be staying on the 17th for a few hours extra. Surely you have a leeway for such minor circumstances Cheers, Mo

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Vietnam visa to expire- what to do?

I have still a valid visa for Vietnam up to the 29th of September. It was multiple entry valid 90 day visa. I am planning to stay more on that day perhaps until the 15th of October. Can i just ask a new Vietnam visa on-line or do I have to get out of the country and come back with another new visa to be applied to you before I leave Vietnam.

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Long stay in Vietnam

Hello, I have been visiting Vietnam for the past 2 years several times, for a short time each (a week). I would like to check my options as for staying long time. Currently I am retired in Thailand, will plan to come again to Vietnam (1-2 weeks only this time) next month. I have read on many websites, that a 1 year visa is no more available, so as 6 months. also understood that 3 months multi visa can be extended only once, inside Vietnam. Is there any other solution to stay long time? I'm not working, nor seeking to work in Vietnam. Sincerely Yours, Doron Karp

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Extension visa for french

Hello, What is the rate and the delay to extend a vietnamese visa for a french citizen? Best regards

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Visa extension

Dear Support Team, Greeting from me! I am Amol Pacharne from India. I need to stay aboard at Vietnam for a period of 8-9 months. This is my habit to stay away and be calm and gain peace. I have chosen Vietnam as my first aboard country of residence. I searched online but found that Vietnam Visa can be borrowed for either 1 month single entry or 3 months single entry. Also I noticed that I can extend my Visa for another next 3 months. Here, I come to my point. As I wanted to stay in Vietnam for a period of 8-9 months is it possible to get an extension of Visa for such a periods? If you indicate pricing in the reply mail that would be very appreciated. Thanks & Regards, Amol Pacharne, India.

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