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Vietnam visa single or multiple visa

Dear Jenny Kristen! Thank you for the quieck answer! Ok, good to know that we can also extend another visa in Vietnam. I already tried to fill in the document. I have some questions: what´s the diffrent between singel and multiple visa? is it possible to order the visa before we have to flight? (because my friend is on holiday and we did not book a flight til now. ) How we will get the visa? Do you sent it to us or will we get it directly in vietnam at the airport? Thank you that you are patient and really kind to help us! have a great weekend! Best regards, Julia Fasl

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  • Dear Julia Fasl, Thank you for your email!\nPlease be advised that according to the number of entry to Vietnam, Vietnam visa is categorized into single entry visa, and multiple entries visa. Single entry visa is the kind of visa that allows foreign people can enter and exit Vietnam only 1 time during your entire stay. And multiple entries visa is the kind of visa that allows foreign people can enter and exit Vietnam many times as you want in the validity length of visa.\n\nIn addition, please be advised that you can apply for Vietnam visa in advance from now. Please notice that when you apply for Vietnam visa, you visa will be valid from the date you noted as date of arrival in visa application. Thus your arrival date should be the earliest estimated arrival date. After you submit visa application and payment, we will process and send you visa approval letter issued by Vietnam Immigration Department within 2 working days. What you need to do then is to print visa approval letter out. When you arrival at Vietnam airport, by presenting visa approval letter for Vietnam Immigration officers, you will get Vietnam visa stamped onto your passport.\n\nTo apply for Vietnam Visa, you can submit the online visa application at We hope above information is clear to you. Please feel free to let us know if you need further assistance. We are happy to assist you at our best! Jenny Kristen!

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