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Vietnam visa for United Kingdom citizens

Vietnam visa for United Kingdom citizens

According to policy regulated by the Immigration Department of Vietnam, United Kingdom passport holders wishing to enter Vietnam for any activity are required visa. Presently, there are two alternative choices to obtain Vietnam visa for UK citizens such as requesting at Embassy of Vietnam or requesting online visa on arrival.

Preparation for requesting visa

The policy of Vietnam Immigration Department states that Vietnam visa can be issued only if foreign visitors have a passport with six month of validity and two blank pages upward. Before requesting a visa, UK passport holders should check your passport carefully to ensure that it is eligible. If your passport is going to expire or it has less than two blank pages, you should contact immigration office in your country to extend or renew passport in advance.

Applicable visa types for UK citizens

Regardless UK passport holders intending to get visa to Vietnam by applying at Vietnam Embassy or applying online, you are able to request a visa with valid duration of one month or three month (either single or multiple entries).

-          One month single entry visa allows visitors to enter one time and stay in the country 30 days at maximum from arrival date noted in visa letter

-          One month multiple entries visa permits visitors to have multiple entries visa to Vietnam within one month (for those people who stay in Vietnam less than 30 days, you should fill your exact date of exit into visa application because stamping fee for 29 day multiple entries visa is cheaper than stamping fee for 30 or 31 day multiple entries visa)

-          Three month single entry visa allows visitors to have one entry to Vietnam and stay here in 90 days of valid duration.

-          Three month multiple entries visa has valid duration of 90 days and it allows travelers to enter the country unlimited time during valid timer.

After checking your passport carefully and determine the type of visa you want to request, UK passport holders can perform further steps to request visa at Embassy of Vietnam or choose Vietnam visa online.


Vietnam visa for United Kingdom citizens

Steps to request visa at Vietnam Embassy for UK citizens

Vietnam Embassy has been established for many years. United Kingdom passport holders or foreign visitors residing in this country can request visa at Embassy with address as following:

Address: 12-14 Victoria Rd., London W8-5rd, UK

Phone:  (4420) 79371912

Fax:      (44020) 7565385


Note: Office hour: Monday - Friday: Morning: 9.00a.m - 11.30a.m Afternoon: 13.00p.m - 17.00 p.m.

Or visitors also can submit visa request at consulate General of Vietnam in United Kingdom

Address: 12-14 Victoria Rd., London W8-5rd, UK

Phone:  (4420) 79371912

Fax:      (44020) 7565385


Getting visa by this way, Vietnam visa requirement can charged fee are often various, so visitors should contact staff in charge to be guided specifically before going there to request visa. In usual, the indispensable document in order to get visa by this way is original passport of applicants. Together with this document, you should prepare the needful according to guideline of Embassy. Then, you should visit Embassy directly to submit all required document and pay visa fee. According to experience of almost all visitors, for each visa application, applicants can be required to pay USD 80 upward. In addition, this visa type may take four to five business days to get visa issued. After processing time, applicants should visit Vietnam Embassy again and pick up your visa result.

Steps to get visa on arrival for UK citizens

Unlike getting visa at Embassy of Vietnam, Vietnam visa on arrival can be requested from wherever because all needful for visa can be done online without preparing any original document or visiting any Embassy of Vietnam.  Procedure of getting this visa type includes two main steps: requesting visa approval letter and getting visa stamped.

For the first step, what you need to prepare in order to request visa is just an internet-connected device, and then you can do as following:

-          Submitting Vietnam visa application


-          Sending visa approval fee through PayPal, Bank transfer or Western Union

-          Waiting for two business days at maximum

-          Checking registered email and receiving visa approval letter granted by the Immigration Department of Vietnam.

After receiving visa letter, to complete the second step, UK visitors should check your letter firstly to ensure there is no mistake. After than you should print it out and put it into sane place together your passport. In addition, you also should prepare two photos in passport-size and a fulfilled application for entry and exit Vietnam (this from will be sent to you together with visa approval letter). Then, you just need to wait for your travel date as planed and depart for Vietnam.

With above documents, UK visitors will be allowed to travel to Vietnam by airway from any country. Then, when you arrive at Vietnam airport, you should move to visa on arrival counter to complete this step. There, you should present all needful and then pay stamping fee to Immigration officer, so that you will be granted an official visa stamped onto your passport. Now, you just need to complete custom requirement, so that you can leave airport and start visiting.


Vietnam visa for United Kingdom citizen

How much is visa on arrival for UK citizens?

When UK citizens choose to get visa at Embassy of Vietnam, visa cost is regulates directly by Embassy of Vietnam, so it is no fixed. In case you choose visa on arrival, visa cost is always stable and applicants can know exactly how much you should pay for visa application just be referring to Vietnam visa fee page.

Specifically, visa cost is divided into two types that will be required for each step in procedure of getting visa. For the first step applying for visa approval letter, approval fee will be required. This is the fee to process visa letter so it should be completed before your visa issuing. With UK nationals, approval fee each applicant should pay is USD 18 for one month single entry visa, USD 23 for one month multiple entries visa, USD 28 for three month single entry visa and USD 80 for three month multiple entries visa. To get this done, applicant can choose to send money through PayPal, Bank Transfer or Western Union. Among these approaches, using PayPal or Western Union is highly recommended because of short transaction time.

For the step of Vietnam visa on arrival at airport, stamping fee will be required to pay in cash to Immigration officer. Presently, to, each passenger will be required to pay USD 45 for a single entry visa, USD 65 for a multiple entries visa valid no longer than 29 days and USD 95 for a multiple entries visa having valid duration from 30 to 90 days.

How long does it take to get visa on arrival issued for UK citizens?

Like citizens of other country, United Kingdom citizens are able to receive visa letter after two business days since you completed visa application and payment for this. In case you want to shorten processing time to get Vietnam visa approval letter issued faster, you are recommended urgent service or super urgent service. Presently, urgent service with the cost USD 10 plus helps you to get pre-approved visa after one business days and super urgent service with the cost USD 25 plus helps you to get this document after just four working hours. Because the shorter time is taken, the higher fee is charged, so UK visitors are advised applying for visa about three to four days in advance to save you money as well as to avoid any trouble may cause.

About the steps of getting visa stamped, it takes just twenty minutes averagely. Sometimes, waiting time may be longer if there are so many foreign visitors also get visa on arrival. If you want to ensure to get official visa right after landing without waiting at airport, you are offered Stamping Support Service. This service cost USD 25/ person. By using Stamping support service, you will be picked up and assisted to get visa quickly.

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