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Vietnam visa for Ukraine citizens

Vietnam visa for Ukraine citizens

According to Vietnam immigration policy applied for foreigners, a visa is demanded in case your nationality is not in visa exemption list of Vietnam. Being citizens of Ukraine, you must apply for visa if you want to visit Vietnam as this country is not listed in that exemption list. To get visa to Vietnam without any difficulty or trouble, you are recommended keeping in mind some information about Vietnam visa for Ukraine citizens as below.


Vietnam visa requirement for Ukraine citizens


Same as citizens of other countries, Ukraine citizens wishing to get visa must satisfy some requirements at first.


   -   Your original passport needs to be valid for more than six months and empty in two pages at least. This requirement is required for every person applying for visa to enter Vietnam.


   -   If you apply for visa on arrival online, your entrance way to the country must be airway. 


   -   For Ukraine citizens who plan to get visa at embassy of Vietnam located in your resident country, you must have a visa application from the website of the embassy before coming there.


How many ways to get visa for Ukraine citizens?


In order to have visa for Vietnam, Ukraine citizens can consider between two main ways: applying for Vietnam visa on arrival online or applying for visa at embassy of Vietnam directly.


As mentioned, requirement to get visa on arrival is airway entrance. In the other words, Ukraine citizens must take plane to enter Vietnam from anywhere on the world, so that you can get official visa when arriving international airport of Vietnam. For Ukraine people who want to get visa at embassy, you can enter Vietnam by any means of transportation including bus, car, ship, train or even plane. Procedure to apply for visa with two ways is quoted clearly as below:


Get on arrival visa:


   -   First of all, you must search on the internet and find out a website of a legal visa agent in Vietnam like You then can contact them via email or phone to get specific direction, or you can read information on the website to know how to complete applying steps


   -   Secondly, you submit your own Vietnam visa application with your private information and your visa desire under guidelines of the system


   -   Thirdly, Ukraine citizens can use your credit card or debit card to send payment for visa approval fee via PayPal. In case you do not have PayPal account, you can use Western Union or Bank Transfer.


   -   Fourthly, you can check your email after two business days to receive an issued Vietnam visa approval letter together with an application for entry and exit Vietnam


   -   Finally, when your flight lands on international airport of Vietnam, Ukraine citizens should ask police working there to find out visa on arrival counter or landing visa counter, you then come there to show all your documents including the letter, passport, application for entry and exit Vietnam and photos and pay stamping fee to staff in charge and get a visa stamped onto passport after a few minutes of waiting.


Get Vietnam embassy visa:


   -   The best way for Ukraine citizens who want to have visa at the embassy to prepare enough requirements is contacting the embassy before coming there.


   -   After having information regarding what you need to submit, you can arrange your time to visit the embassy within working time from 5 to 7 days before your estimated arrival date.


   -   When coming to the embassy, Ukraine should submit all documents and payment for visa fee to staff working there and then get a confirmation of receiving visa result before going home.


   -   After some days of waiting, you can come back the embassy as confirmation to get back your passport which has been stamped an official visa.


How does visa cost for Ukraine citizens?


In case Ukraine get visa on arrival, approval fee and stamping fee are two types of fee you must pay. Detailed fee is as two below table:


Visa type

Approval fee (USD/person)

1 month single

USD 18

1 month multiple

USD 23

3 month single

USD 28

3 month multiple

USD 80


Visa type

Stamping fee (USD/person)

Single entry visa

USD 45

Multiple entries visa of no more than 29 days

USD 65

Multiple entries visa of more than 29 days, but less than 90 days

USD 95


If you get visa directly at embassy of Vietnam, total visa fee will be collect by the embassy. Thus, you must prepare this fee in cash and then submit to the embassy when coming there to request visa.


What are notices to apply for visa for Ukraine citizens?


Following are some notices that Ukraine citizens should pay attention when apply for visa Vietnam:


   -   Applying for visa as soon as possible: normally, it takes two business days to process Vietnam visa upon arrival request and three to five days for an embassy visa request. Therefore, Ukraine citizens are recommended arranging your time to apply for visa as soon as possible to have visa before your arrival date.


   -   For those who are in rush situation, you can use urgent or super-urgent service to get visa faster than normal. However, the shorter processing time, the higher visa approval fee. Thus, Ukraine citizens had better apply for visa in advance.


   -   In case Ukraine citizens apply for visa at embassy, but you do not want to wait for a long time, you can apply for a Vietnam visa approval code issue by Vietnam Immigration Department beforehand. This visa approval code will work as an invitation letter that can shorten waiting time to get visa at the embassy.


For further information about Vietnam visa for Ukraine citizens, please send email to or call to hotline number (84) 975 85 66 33.  


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