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Vietnam visa for Sweden citizens

Vietnam visa for Sweden citizens

According to policy of Vietnam Immigration department, citizens are exempted from visa Vietnam for those entries of no longer than 15 days. In case these citizens intending to visit and stay in the country longer than exempted time, Vietnam visa for Sweden citizens should be prepared.


How can Sweden citizens enter Vietnam without visa?

The Immigration Department regulates that any entry that is no longer than 15 days of Sweden citizens will not be required visa. However, there are still some requirements for visitors in order to visit Vietnam without visa. Firstly, Sweden travelers need to make sure that you have ordinary passport with six month of validity remaining upward. Secondly, for those people wishing to enter the country by Vietnam visa exemption, your arrival date must be later 30 days at least from your latest date of exit Vietnam (if any).

In case Sweden citizens meet above conditions, you just need to travel to Vietnam with your valid passport. When you arrive, immigration officer will grant a visa exemption seal onto your passport. After that, you are legal to enter Vietnam, and you have 15 days to visit the country.

When do Sweden citizens need Vietnam visa?

Any Sweden passport holder wishing to have entry to Vietnam with visa duration of longer than fifteen days will be required visa. In this case, travelers should consider your travel plan carefully can request visa before travelling.

In reality, some Sweden citizens think that they can enter Vietnam by using exemption visa of fifteen days firstly, and then they will ask to extend their exemption visa in order to stay here longer. However, getting visa extension is not easy like applying for visa to Vietnam. In case your visa extension request is accepted, your passport needs to be submitted and kept at the Immigration Department from seven to ten business days for issuing extension visa. In addition, visa extension cost is often very high. Presently, in order to get one month visa extension, foreign visitors are required to pay USD 150 upward. Because of these reason, Sweden citizens are not advised entering Vietnam by visa exemption in case you plan to visit our country longer than your exempted duration.

Requirement to get visa for Sweden citizens

The regulation of Vietnam Immigration Department, visa is granted for a foreign people if this person has ordinary passport with six month of validity and two blank pages at least. If your passport does not meet this document, your visa request will be rejected. Therefore/, before requesting visa, Sweden citizens in particular and foreign visitors in general should check your passport carefully to make sure that it is eligible to obtain visa.

How to request visa Vietnam for Sweden citizens?Vietnam visa for Sweden citizen

Like citizens of other countries, Sweden passport holders also have two alternative options to request visa for Vietnam including requesting visa directly at Embassy of Vietnam or applying online for visa on arrival.


Between these ways, getting visa at Embassy of Vietnam is recommended for people who enter Vietnam by train, ship or bus. In case you intending to visit the country by plane, you are advised requesting visa upon arrival.

Steps to get visa at Vietnam Embassy for Sweden citizens

Vietnam Embassy has been established for many years in Sweden with following address:

Embassy of Vietnam in Stockholm, SWEDEN

Address: #26, Orby Slottsvag, 125 71 Alvsjo, Stockholm, SWEDEN

Phone:  46-8-5562 1077

Fax:      (468) 5562 1080



Note: Office hour: Monday - Friday : 14.00p.m - 16.00p

In case citizens of Sweden wishing to cross border to visit Vietnam, you should spend time visiting Vietnam Embassy and applying for visa before departure because there is no visa issued when you come Vietnam. In order to get Vietnam Embassy visa, each visitor needs to prepare your own passport. This is indispensable document to let Vietnam Embassy grant visa for you.

In addition, according to regulation of each Vietnam Embassy, Sweden citizens may be required to submit a visa application, your photos, visa approval code issued by the immigration Department of Vietnam (this document can be requested online like applying online step of visa on arrival which is mentioned to in following paragraph). In order to know exactly about Vietnam visa requirement, Sweden citizens should contact Vietnam Embassy before you going there to submit visa request.

After submitting adequate requirements, Sweden citizens also need to pay visa issuing fee and wait for four to five business days to let your visa request processed. After processing time, you can come back Vietnam Embassy and collect your passport as well as visa result. According to experience of almost all visitors, the cost to get one month single entry visa at Vietnam Embassy may be USD 80/ person upward.

Steps to getting visa upon arrival for Sweden citizens

Unlike getting visa at Embassy of Vietnam, steps to request a visa upon arrival can be completed online without submitting any original document. Specifically, what you need to do is to apply for a visa approval letter issued by the Immigration Department of Vietnam by performing following steps:

-          Submitting Vietnam visa application


-          Sending visa approval fee through PayPal, Bank Transfer or Western Union

-          Waiting for two business days at maximum

-          Checking registered email to receive visa approval letter

It should be noticed that in the whole procedure of issuing visa approval letter, there is no original document required. This is the reason applicants need to submit your personal information about details about your desire visa type exactly. Once your visa request is processed, if you want to change any information, you will be required to submit a new visa application and pay approval fee again.

Having visa approval letter, Sweden citizens are considered as you completed the main task of Vietnam visa on arrival. After that, you just need to print visa approval letter out, put it together with your passport, photos in passport size, application for entry and exit Vietnam and then wait for travelling.

On travel date, Sweden visitors should bring all needful and get on board to Vietnam. With visa approval letter issued by the Immigration Department of Vietnam, you are permitted to depart for Vietnam by airway from any country on the world. Upon your arrival at Vietnam international airport, you should follow direction sign and reach to visa on arrival counter. There, you need to present all your prepared documents for checking and pay stamping fee to Immigration officer, so that you will receive official visa stamped onto your passport.

Applicable visa types for Sweden passport holders

Similar to citizens of other country, Sweden passport holders are able to request Vietnam tourist visa with valid duration of three month at maximum. There are some options visitors can choose according to your travel schedule as below:


-          One month single entry visa: visitors are allowed to have one entry to Vietnam in the valid duration of visa

-          One month multiple entries visa: visitors are allowed to have multiple entries to Vietnam in one month of validity

-          Three month single entry visa: visitors are permitted to have one entry in three month of validity

-          Three month multiple entries visa: visitors are permitted to have unlimited entries to Vietnam in three month of valid duration


Vietnam visa for Sweden citizens

How long does it take to get visa on arrival issued?

In order to get visa on arrival, there are two main steps that visitors need to do and wait for the step completed. The first step is requesting Vietnam visa approval letter and the second one is getting official visa at Vietnam airport.

For the first steps, applicants often receive result after two business days with standard service. In case your departure time is closed and you need to have visa approval letter quickly, you can request express service to shorten processing time. There are two popular options in order to get visa letter urgently: urgent service which takes one working day processing and super urgent service which takes four working hours processing.

For the second step, it is completed when travelers arrive at Vietnam airport. Averagely, each passenger should wait for twenty minutes. In reality, waiting time for this step is depended on number of travelers getting Vietnam visa on arrival at landing visa counter. In case, there are so many foreign visitors getting visa, the waiting time may be longer. If foreign people wishing to get visa stamped as soon as possible after your flight lands, you are recommended to use Stamping Support Service. With this service, we will wait at Vietnam airport and pick you up right after you arrive, and then we will assist you to get official visa quickly. This service is also highly recommended for old people, pregnant, people travelling with children or people who visit Vietnam at the first time.

Visa on arrival cost applied for Sweden citizens

For each main step in procedure of getting Vietnam visa online, Sweden visitors will be required to pay a separate fee. With step of getting visa approval letter, the required fee is approval fee. This fee needs to be paid right after applicants complete visa application to let your visa request processed. Then when applicants get official visa at Vietnam international airport, each passenger will be required to pay another fee named stamping fee to Immigration officer.

For Sweden passport holders, Vietnam visa fee to get pre-approved document is USD 18/ person for one month single entry visa, USD 23/ person for one month multiple entries visa, USD 28/ person for three month single entry visa or USD 80/ person for three month multiple entries visa. In case applicants use express service or Stamping support service, the fee for these services will be charged at the same time with approval cost. Presently, each visitor will be charged USD 10 for using urgent service, USD 25 for super urgent service and USD 25 for stamping Support Service.

About stamping fee, the fee for Sweden passport holders is similar to stamping fee applied for citizens of other countries. Specifically, each passenger need to pay USD 45 in order to get a single entry visa, USD 65 to get multiple entries visa with validity of no longer than 29 days or USD 95 to get multiple entries visa of longer than 29 days and less than 90 days.

For any further information about Vietnam visa for Sweden citizens as well as guidelines on how to get visa for these citizens, please contact us via email or hotline (+85) 975 85 66 33. 


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