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Vietnam visa for Sri Lanka

Hi Support My Name is Shatru, holder of Sri Lankan Passport; currently I am a resident of the Kingdom of Bahrain. My wife and myself are planning a 10 day trip to Vietnam this August. I have couple of queries 1. Would I be able to get an online visa, since we don't have an embassy here in Bahrain? 2. I am planning to come through Cambodia by land can I use the online Visa ? (if you are able to get me a an online visa) ? Looking forward to hear from you. Thanks Best Regards Shatru. +973 36050123

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  • Dear Shatrugan Ram,Thank you for contacting us!Please be advised that applying for visa online is applicable for Sri Lanka citizens. However, the Immigration Department of Vietnam require our agent to guarantee for your residing in Vietnam, and the charged fee is higher than the fee applied for citizens of almost other countries.In case you enter Vietnam via land border, you can apply for 'visa code' which allows you to get visa at embassy of Vietnam.To apply for visa code, you go to our homepage, click at 'apply online' to start the application.Please feel free to let us know if you need further assistance.Many thanks and best regards!Jasmine Evans!

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