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Vietnam visa for Russia citizens

Vietnam visa for Russia citizens

The Immigration Department of Vietnam regulates that Russia is one of the country in the visa exemption list with exempted duration in 15 days. For those Russian passport holders wishing to enter and stay in Vietnam longer than 15 days, Vietnam visa is required.

How can Russia citizens get visa exemption?

If Russia passport holders plan to visit Vietnam for no longer than 15 days, you may not need to prepare visa if you satisfy some requirement as following. The first requirement is about validity of your passport. The Immigration policy of Vietnam states that all foreign people wishing to enter Vietnam for any activity need to have passport with six month of validity and two blank pages remaining upward. The second one is requirement about the gap between your two continuous entries to Vietnam if you also use Vietnam visa exemption for both of these entries. Specifically, the distance from your date of exit in your previous entry to arrival date of current entry must be 30 days upward. If this time is less than 30 days, Russia visitors need to have a visa to be able to enter Vietnam.

In case Russia travelers meet above requirements, you just need to bring your passport and travel to Vietnam. When you arrive Vietnam border, Vietnam sea port or Vietnam airport, you will be granted a visa exemption seal having valid duration in 15 days onto your passport. Then you can enter the country and visit any place as you want.

When Vietnam visa required for Russia citizens?

As mentioned above, Russian passport holders will be required to have visa to Vietnam if the distance between your current entry and the leaving date of your previous entry that you used visa exemption to enter is no longer than 30 days. In addition, for those Russia passport holders planning to have a longer than 15 days, you also should prepare visa before departure Vietnam.

Presently, there are two alternative options to obtain visa for Russia citizens including requesting in person at Embassy of Vietnam or applying online for visa on arrival. Between these option, getting visa at Vietnam Embassy is recommended for people who Vietnam by land or sea way. For those people intending to visit the country by airway, the recommended option is requesting Vietnam visa on arrival.


How to get visa at Vietnam Embassy for Russia citizens?

-          Issuing unit

With this option, the unit having responsibility to issue visa for visitors is Embassy of Vietnam, so all needful for visa such as visa requirement or visa cost will be regulated directly by Embassy. This is also the reason requirement to get visa is often various from Embassy of Vietnam in different countries.

In Russia, Vietnam Embassy is locates following address:

Embassy of Vietnam in Moscow, RUSSIAN

Address: 13, Bolshaya Pirogovskaya St., Moscow, RUSSIAN FEDERATION

Phone:  (70-95) 245 092

Fax:      (70-95) 246 312



-          Requirement for getting visa


Vietnam visa for Russia citizens

Because each Embassy may require separate Vietnam visa requirement, for those people wishing to get visa at Vietnam Embassy in Russia, you should contact staff in charge as above information to be guided specifically. For all cases, original passport of applicants is essential.

-          Visa cost

The cost to get visa issued is not fixed. According to experience in getting visa at Vietnam Embassy of many visitors, you are often charged USD 80 upward for a visa application.

-          Steps to get visa

Firstly Russia citizens should prepare adequate document as guidelines of Vietnam Embassy. Then you should bring these things and visit Embassy directly to submit visa application. You also should pay visa fee to Embassy at that moment. Then you should wait for visa issuing in four to five business days, so that you can visit the Embassy again to pick up visa result.

How to get visa on arrival for Russia citizens?

-          Issuing Vietnam visa on arrival unit

Presently visa on arrival is approved and granted by the Immigration Department of Vietnam. With this visa type, Russia will receive visa when you arrive at Vietnam international airport.

-          Requirement for getting visa

According regulation of the Immigration Department, foreign visitors in general and Russia citizens in particular wishing to get visa upon arrival need to have some documents as below:

+ Vietnam visa approval letter issued by the Immigration Department

+ Original passport with six month of validity and two blank pages upward

+ Two passport-sized photos

+ A fulfilled application for entry and exit Vietnam

Among these documents, visa approval letter is an electronic document. It is considered as a clearance that permits foreign visitors to get on board to Vietnam and get official visa upon your arrival at Vietnam international airport. Although this document is issued by Vietnam Immigration Department, it should be applied online though a website of an authorized visa agent. The Immigration Department presently does not accept visa request sent directly from foreign visitors.

In addition, about application for entry and exit form, this is a form that should be present to get official at Vietnam airport. It will be sent to you together with pre-approved visa letter.

-          Visa cost

Unlike the cost of visa picked up at Embassy of Vietnam, visa on arrival fee is very clear with two sub-types of fee. The first one is visa approval fee. This is the fee to process visa approval letter, and it should be paid right after applicants complete visa application. For Russia passport holders, each person will be required to pay USD 18 for one month single entry visa, USD 23 for one month multiple entries visa, USD 28 for three month single entry visa or USD 80 for three month multiple entries visa.

The second type of Vietnam visa fee is stamping fee. This is the fee to get official visa onto your passport. According to regulation of Vietnam Immigration Department, this fee needs to be paid in cash by USD or VND to Immigration officer when foreign visitors arrive at Vietnam airport. Each applicant when getting visa on arrival is required to pay USD 45 if you get single entry visa, USD 65 if you get multiple entries visa with valid duration of 29 days or USD if you get multiple entries visa with valid duration longer than 29 days and less than 90 days.


Vietnam visa for Russia citizen

-          Steps to request visa

In order to get visa on arrival, firstly, Russian passport holders need to apply for visa approval letter as following:

+ Submitting Vietnam visa application


+ Sending visa approval fee through PayPal, Bank Transfer or Western Union

+ Waiting for visa approval letter issuing within 2 business days at maximum

+ Checking registered email to receive visa letter

After having visa letter via email you should prepare a printed copy of this document. In addition, you also should prepare your passport, two photo and entry application. With these documents, you will be allowed to depart for Vietnam by airway on any date during visa letter’s valid duration.

After that, when you arrive at Vietnam international airport, you should present needful and pay stamping fee to Immigration officer, so that you will Vietnam visa on arrival stamped onto your passport.

-          Waiting time for get visa on arrival for Russia citizens

Getting this visa type includes two main steps. With the first step, getting visa approval letter, Russia citizens often need to wait for two business days at maximum. If you want for shorten processing time, you are offered urgent service or super urgent service to get visa document issued after one working day or even after just four working hours. Presently, in order to get Vietnam visa online faster, each applicant will be charged USD 10 plus for urgent service fee or USD 25 for super urgent service fee.

For the second step, getting official visa, the average time that foreign visitors need to wait for at Vietnam airport is about twenty minutes. Sometimes, it can be longer if there are so many people getting visa on arrival. If you want to have stamped visa right after landing without waiting at airport, you are recommended Stamping Support Service. This is an extra service with the cost of SUD 25 per passenger. By using Stamping Support Service, you will be picked up upon your arrival time and then you will be assisted to get official visa quickly.

Briefly, getting Vietnam visa on arrival is very beneficial because it can be requested online simply in just a few minutes. In the whole applying procedure, there is no original document is required, so it is very secure. Moreover, with this visa type, Russia citizens can receive official visa straight away arrival time at Vietnam airport without visiting any Embassy of Vietnam. Therefore, it is very time-saving, convenient, and economical. With above various advantages, visa on arrival can be seen as the best option to obtain visa Vietnam. However, it should be noticed that until now, this visa type has been applied at Vietnam international airport such as Noi Bai airport, Tan Son Nhat airport or Dang airport, so it is applicable for air travelers only. At Vietnam border or sea port, visa on arrival is invalid. Therefore, if Russia want to visit the country by land or seaway, getting visa at Vietnam Embassy is still necessary.

For any further information about Vietnam visa for Russia citizens, please contact us via email or hotline (+84) 974 85 66 33.


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