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Vietnam visa for Poland citizens

Vietnam visa for Poland citizens

According to Immigration law of Vietnam, Poland is not categorized into the visa exemption list. This is the reason citizens of this country wishing to enter Vietnam for any purpose is required visa. With an aim to facilitate applicants to get visa conveniently, below information mentions to some needful that applicants should notice before requesting Vietnam visa for Poland citizens.

Preparation for getting visa for Poland citizens

Presently, the Immigration Department minimizes visa requirement for citizens of Poland. Specifically, before applying for visa, each visitor just needs to ensure that your passport meets requirement about validity with six month of validity length and two blank pages upward. In case your passport has less than six valid month or two un-used pages, you should contact the Immigration office in your country to new your passport beforehand.

How to request visa for Poland citizens?         

Once your passport satisfies requirement about validity, Poland passport holders can start to request visa for Vietnam by basing on your travel schedule to choose visa at Embassy of Vietnam or visa on arrival.

If Poland citizens plan to visit Vietnam by train, ship or bus, the suitable option for you is requesting visa in person at Vietnam Embassy before travelers. The reason is that entering Vietnam by land or sea way, visitors are required to have a valid visa before crossing border to enter the country.

In contrast, if Poland citizens want to visit Vietnam by plane, the recommended option to get visa for you in this case is applying online for visa on arrival. This approach allows passenger to obtain official visa upon arrival at international airport of Vietnam without going to any Vietnam Embassy before departure.

Applicable visa types for Poland citizens

Regardless Poland citizens choose to get visa at Vietnam Embassy or Vietnam visa online, you are able to obtain one of four following visa types:

-          One month single entry visa: applicants are permitted to enter one time and stay Vietnam up to 30 days in the valid duration of visa

-          One month multiple entries visa: applicants are allowed to enter unlimited time can stay in the country up to 30 days of validity

-          Three month single entry visa: applicants are permitted to have one entry and stay in the country up to 90 days of validity length

-          Three month multiple entries visa: applicant can have unlimited entries and stay in the country as long as you want in 90 days of valid duration

Regarding purpose of entries, above four types of visa are issued as Vietnam tourist visa. This purpose is regulated is to make statistic only. Everything is still same to you.


Vietnam visa for Poland citizens

Procedure to request visa at Vietnam Embassy for Poland citizens

Until now, Vietnam Embassy has not been established in Poland. If citizens of this country wish to enter Vietnam by land or sea way and need to have a valid visa before departure, you should visit a Vietnam Embassy in the nearest country or Embassy of Vietnam in your residing country to request visa. Because Vietnam visa requirement and charged fee to get visa at Vietnam Embassy in different countries are not similar, visitors should contact staff in charged to be guided clearly about what you should prepare before submitting visa application.

According to experience of many foreign visitors, when getting visa at Vietnam Embassy, original passport off applicant is indispensable. In some Embassies, applicants also may be required to submit Vietnam visa approval code granted by the Immigration Department. This document is seen as permission for picking up visa at Embassy. In order obtain this document, Poland citizens should contact a visa and apply online. Steps to get this document are similar to steps to get visa approval letter to get visa on arrival that will be introduced in following part.

After preparing all documents as request of Vietnam Embassy, foreign visitors should visit there; submit visa application as well as all requirements. You also should pay visa fee to staff in charge at that moment to let your visa request processed. In usual, for each visa application, a visitor can be charged USD 80 upward. Then, you should wait for three to five business days. After processing time, you can visit the Embassy again to get your passport back as well as collect your Vietnam Embassy visa result.

In should be noticed for those Poland visitors getting visa approval code that this document is valid to pick up visa at only one Vietnam Embassy that you registered in online visa application. After receiving the document, if you want to change to pick up visa at another Vietnam Embassy, the approval code will be invalid. In this case, you will be required to request a new approval code for new Embassy.

Procedure to get visa on arrival for Poland citizens

In order to get Vietnam visa on arrival, firstly Poland visitors should ensure that you travel to Vietnam by airport because this visa type is applied at Vietnam international airports only. Presently, there are three airport of Vietnam that allows foreign visitors to get visa on arrival including: Noi Bai airport (located in Hanoi capital), Tan Son Nhat airport (located in Ho Chi Minh City) and Da Nang airport (located in Da Nang city)

What Poland citizens should prepare to get visa at Vietnam airport are following documents:

-          Original passport with six month of validity and two blank pages upward

-          Visa approval letter issued by Vietnam Immigration Department


-          Two photos in passport size

-          A fulfilled application for entry and exit Vietnam

Procedure of getting visa on arrival should be performed by requesting visa approval letter in advance. This is an electronic that allows foreign visitors to get on board to Vietnam and pick up official visa upon arrival. Steps to get this document are similar to steps to get visa approval code that should be done as following:

-          Submitting Vietnam visa application. In this step, there is no original document required to verify, applicants should make sure that you fill in visa application with exact information as shown in your passport. You are permitted to enter Vietnam only if information in your visa is similar as in your passport.

-          Sending visa approval fee to visa agent to process visa approval letter. There are three payment approaches including PayPal, Bank transfer and Western Union to complete this step. However, using PayPal or Western Union to send fee is highly recommended because of its quick transaction.

-          Waiting for two business days

-          Checking registered to receive visa approval letter/ code


Vietnam visa for Poland citizen

After receiving visa letter, applicants should check it carefully to ensure everything is alright. Then, you should print it out and put it together with your original passport, two photos in 4*6 centimeter and application for entry and exit form (this form will be sent to you at the same time with your Vietnam visa approval letter). With these documents, Poland travelers will be allowed to depart for Vietnam by airway on any date in your requested valid duration.

When Poland visitors arrive at Vietnam international airport, you should quickly move to visa on arrival counter and wait for your turn to get official visa. In order to get visa stamped, you should present all required documents and pay stamping fee to Immigration officer. Then staff in charge will check your information and stamp an official visa onto your passport. Afterward, you can move to immigration desk to complete necessary steps, so that you can leave the airport and visit city.

Waiting time and issuing fee for visa on arrival?

Procedure of getting Vietnam visa on arrival includes two main steps that applicants need to complete and pay fee for these. The first step is applying for visa approval letter and the second one is getting visa stamped at international airport of Vietnam.

For the first step, being Poland passport holders, applicants will be required to pay USD 18 for each visa request of one month single entry visa. In case you want to request one month multiple entries visa, the applied fee will be USD 23/ person. With other types, it is USD 28/ person for three month single entry visa request and USD 80/ person for three month multiple entries visa request. This is the fee to let your visa to Vietnam processed with standard service. After two business days, applicants will receive pre-approved visa issued by Vietnam Immigration Department.

In some cases, if Poland citizens need to have visa approval letter quickly to catch up your flight, you can request urgent service or super urgent service, so that your visa request will be approved within just one business day or even just four working hours. Of course, the fee you need to pay in this case will be higher than the fee of standard service. For urgent service, each applicant is charged USD 10 plus, and it is USD 25 plus for each person to use super urgent service.

It should be notice that in step of getting visa approval letter, the applied fee can be discounted for those people request visa for a group of three passengers upward in a same visa application. For detailed information, please refer to Vietnam visa fee page.

For the second step, to get it done, each foreign visitor need to pay stamping fee by cash directly to Immigration officer at Vietnam airport. This fee should be paid by USD or VND, so before travelling, visitors should prepare in advance to save you time when you arrive. In case you forget, you can exchange your money into USD or VND at Vietnam airport.

In usual, the time to complete step of getting visa is about twenty minutes. This tie may be longer if there are many foreign travelers waiting for picking visa. In case you want to get visa right after arriving without waiting too long at airport, you are offered Stamping Support Service with the cost of USD 25 per person. With this service, you will be picked up upon your arrival time and assisted to get visa stamped quickly. This service is also recommended for old people, pregnant, people travelling with children or people who visit Vietnam at the first time.

For any further information about Vietnam visa for Poland citizens, please contact us via email or hotline (+84) 975 85 66 33. 


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