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Vietnam visa for Netherlands citizens

Vietnam visa for Netherlands citizens

Vietnam visa is an essential document for Netherlands passport holders in order to enter the country for any activity. So how to get this document as well as what should visitors prepare to request visa? With an aim to give detailed information for applicants, this section is composed with content about visa Vietnam for Netherlands citizens.

Conditions to request visa for Netherlands citizens

Like visitors coming from other countries, before requesting a visa, Netherlands citizens should check your passport to ensure that it meets requirement regulated by the Immigration Department of Vietnam, so that your visa request can be approved. Specifically, passport of each applicants need to satisfy the requirement having six month of validity length and two blank pages remaining upward.

Applicable visas for Netherland citizens

Presently, regarding the validity, visa to Vietnam is categorized into four types including one month single entry visa, one month multiple entries visa, three month single entry visa and three month multiple entries visa. According to regulation of Vietnam Immigration Department, these visa types are granted for foreign visitors with tourist purpose only.

-          One month single entry visa: having valid duration in 30 days with a single time to enter and exit Vietnam

-          One month multiple entries visa: being valid in 30 days at maximum with unlimited times to enter and exit the country

-          Three month single entry visa: having valid duration in 90 days with a single entry to Vietnam

-          Three month multiple entries visa: being valid in 90 days at maximum with unlimited entries

How to request Vietnam visa for Netherlands citizens

In order to obtain visa for Vietnam, Netherlands passport holders in particular and foreign visitors in general can choose one of two alternative options: applying for visa in person at Vietnam Embassy and applying online for visa on arrival. Between these ways, who should choose visa on arrival and who should choose the other one?

According to experience of all foreign visitors who have entered Vietnam, if you tending to depart for the country by airway, you are recommended to choose visa upon arrival. With this visa option, every needful for visa issuing can be completed online easily without any original document. In addition, passengers are allowed to receive official visa upon your arrival at Vietnam international airport. Therefore, it is very simple and convenient.

In contrast, if Netherlands travelers want to enter Vietnam by land or sea way, Vietnam visa on arrival at Vietnam border or Vietnam sea port is invalid because until now, it has been applied at Vietnam airport for air travelers only. In this case, the solution to have a visa is requesting visa at Vietnam Embassy before travelling.


Vietnam visa for Netherlands citizens

Procedure to get visa at Vietnam Embassy for Netherlands citizens

Getting visa by this way, Netherlands citizens firstly should contact the Embassy to be guided on what you need to prepare for visa issuing. In this way, the unit that grants visa for applicants is Vietnam Embassy, so all Vietnam visa requirements and visa cost will be regulated directly by Embassy. For those people residing in Netherlands, you can contact Vietnam Embassy located in this country as following:

Embassy of Vietnam in Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS

Address: Nassauplein 12,2585 EB, The Hague, the NETHERLANDS

Phone:  (00-31-70) 3648

Fax:      (00-31-70) 3648


After preparing all needful according to guidelines of Vietnam Embassy, Netherlands visitors should visit Embassy directly and submit visa application as well as required documents. In usual, getting Vietnam Embassy visa, applicants are required to hand in original documents. Your original passport is indispensable document in this case. When submitting visa application, applicants also need to pay visa fee to staff in charge, so that your visa request can be processed. For each application, each visitor is often charged USD 80 upward.

Once completing all needful, Netherlands citizens should come back home and wait for visa issuing in four to five working days. After processing time, you can visit Embassy again and pick up visa result stamped already onto your passport. With this visa, Netherlands travelers can enter Vietnam on any date during visa’s valid duration by any means of transportation such as by ship, train, bus or plane.

Procedure to get visa on arrival for Netherlands citizens

With visa on arrival, the unit that has responsibility to issue visa for Netherlands visitors is the Immigration Department of Vietnam. In order to obtain this visa type, what passengers need to prepare includes following documents:

-          Your original passport with six month of validity and two blank pages at least

-          Vietnam visa approval letter issued by the Immigration Department

-          Two photos in passport size (4*6 centimeter)

-          A fulfilled application for entry and exit Vietnam

Among this document, visa approval letter is the document needs to be prepare in advanced by applying online through a visa agent. This is one of the most documents to get visa on arrival as it is considered as a clearance that allows foreign visitors to get on board to Vietnam and get visa upon landing.

Presently, thanks to positive amendment in working regime of the Immigration Department, Netherlands passport holders can apply for pre-approved visa document with a few simple steps as below:

-          Submitting Vietnam visa application. Because in the whole procedure of requesting visa approval letter, there is no original document required for visa application processed, applicants should make sure that your all submitted information is identical information to what shown in your passport.

-          Sending visa approval fee to visa agent by using one of three payment approaches: PayPal, Bank Transfer or Western Union. Among these options, using PayPal or Western Union is highly recommended.

-          Waiting for visa issuing in two business days at maximum

-          Checking registered email and receiving visa approval letter


Vietnam visa for Netherlands citizen

After receiving this document via email, Netherlands visitors should prepare a print copy of the letter and put in into the same place together with your passport.

About photos, there are some requirements for this item to get visa upon arrival. Specifically, your photo taken within the last 01 year, 4x6cm in size, straight face, no hat, no dark or tinted glass, and both ears must be shown. In addition, the photo must be clear for identification without being edited anyhow. The photo can be in colors/ black and white with white/bright background.


For application for entry and exit Vietnam, this form will be sent to applicant right after your visa application is sent to Vietnam Immigration Department to process. Then, you just need to fill your information into the form and put a completed one together with your passport.

After preparing above documents, Netherland just need to wait for your flight and depart for Vietnam. It should be noticed that visa approval letter allows passengers to travel to Vietnam on any date during its valid duration. However, you will not be allowed to enter the country even just one day earlier than the permitted time.

When your plane land at Vietnam international airport, you should quickly move to visa on arrival counter and wait for getting visa stamped. To get this done, you will be required to present the required documents and pay stamping fee to Immigration officers working there. Staff in charge will check your all information and stamp an official visa onto your passport if everything is right. And now, you are able to enter Vietnam legally.

Processing time and charged cost to get visa on arrival

The cost to get Vietnam visa online  includes two types of fee: visa approval fee and stamping fee. Each type will be required to pay in a main step of getting visa procedure.

For the first step, requesting visa approval fee, approval fee is the required fee to issue this document. Therefore, the fee needs to be completed before your visa request is sent to the Immigration to process. For Netherlands passport holders, the applied fee is USD 18/ person for a single visa, USD 23/ person for one month multiple entries visa, USD 28/ person for three month single entry visa or USD 80/ person for three month multiple entries visa. This fee can be discounted for visa application containing three passengers upward. To get detailed information, please refer to Vietnam visa fee page.

In usual, getting visa approval letter step needs two business days to process. However, if Netherlands visitors are rush to enter Vietnam, you also can request express service to shorten processing time. Presently, there are two types of express service. The first one is urgent service that takes one business day to get visa approval letter issued. This service cost USD 10/ person plus. The second one is super urgent service that needs just four working hours to get visa letter. The cost of this service is USD 25/ person plus.

Then, to get Vietnam visa on arrival at the international airport of Vietnam, stamping fee will be required to pay in cash to Immigration officer. According to Immigration regulation of Vietnam, stamping fee to get visa on arrival applied for Netherlands citizens is similar to the fee applied for visitors coming from other country. It is USD 45/ person to get a single entry visa, USD 65 to get a multiple entries visa having valid duration no longer than 29 days or USD 95/ person to get three month multiple entries visa with valid duration longer than 29 days and less than 90 days. Averagely, this step just takes twenty minutes for each applicant to complete.

For any further information about Vietnam visa for Netherland citizens, please feel free to contact us via email or hotline (+84) 975 85 66 33. 


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