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Vietnam visa for Myanmar citizens

Vietnam visa for Myanmar citizens



Hello, my name is Anna Chang, I come from Myanmar and have a Myanmar passport. I plan to visit Vietnam and make a small survey in this country. Do I have to apply for visa to enter the country? What should i know about Vietnam visa for Myanmar citizens?




According to updated immigration policy of Vietnam for Myanmar, citizens of this country can go to Vietnam for visiting or setting business without applying for visa within 14 days. In the other words, if Myanmar citizens just spend less than 14 days in Vietnam, a visa to Vietnam is not necessary. Following information will mentioned some important information that will be very helpful for Myanmar citizens who plan to enter Vietnam.


What should Myanmar citizens note with exemption visa?


A Vietnam visa exemption for Myanmar citizens has validity length of 14 days only. Thus, this visa helps them to enter and stay in Vietnam for less than 14 days only. In order to enter the country with exemption visa, Myanmar citizens just need to bring your Myanmar original passport to Vietnam and complete stamping procedure at check-in point of the airport.  


For those Myanmar citizens who want o use exemption visa for two continuous times, you must make sure that the distance between your arrival date of this entry and the exit date of your previous entry must be more than 30 days.


By using exemption visa, Myanmar citizens must leave Vietnam before the expiration date of your visa. This is because currently, Vietnam Immigration Department does not allow foreigners to extend or renew exemption visa, especially visa exemption.


When should Myanmar citizens apply for visa?


Applying for a visa before entering is suitable with those who want to stay in Vietnam for more than 14 days. In addition, Myanmar citizens also should apply for visa if you do not sure about how long you will stay in Vietnam. In this case, applying for a visa beforehand will help you to avoid any trouble if you must stay more than 14 days in the country.


How to have a visa to enter Vietnam for Myanmar citizens?


As well as citizens of other countries, Myanmar citizens can use two popular methods: applying for visa directly at embassy of Vietnam or applying for Vietnam visa on arrival online.


The first method is the best choice for Myanmar citizens who depart to Vietnam by some means of transportation such as train, bus, car or ship. To have visa with this method, Myanmar citizens should find contact information of Vietnam embassy in your resident country. You then try to call to send email to them to know exact Vietnam visa requirements and visa fee that you must prepare. After receiving the embassy’s confirmation, Myanmar citizens should come there directly to submit required things and visa fee. After at least 5 days waiting at home, Myanmar people can go back the embassy and get your passport back with a Vietnam visa seal.


The second method is strongly recommended for Myanmar citizens taking a flight to Vietnam from any country all the world. To get visa with this method, you must complete following steps:


   -   Find a visa agent in Vietnam who will be your representative


   -   Search website of the agent on the internet


   -   Access to applying page and fill in Vietnam visa application with required information


   -   Pay visa approval fee to issue Vietnam visa approval letter by using credit card/debit card via PayPal, One Pay, or send through Western Union, Bank Transfer


   -   Check your registered email after processing time and get your issued visa letter


   -   Compare information noted in the letter with information shown in your passport to make sure that they are same.


   -   Travel to international airport of Vietnam, show the visa letter and other documents, pay stamping fee to immigration officer working there and then wait for about 15 to 20 minutes


   -   Receive your passport with a stamped visa from the officer after waiting time.


How long can Myanmar citizens stay in Vietnam?


Visa exemption allows Myanmar citizens to stay in the country for only 14 days as the longest. However, if you apply for visa, you are available to stay in Vietnam for one month or three month with single or multiple entries. One month and three month visa now will be granted as Vietnam tourist visa automatically. This updated policy has been applied since January 1st, 2015. Thus, for those Myanmar citizens who apply for Vietnam business visa, you will still receive tourist visa. However, you do not need to worry as the Immigration Department allows you to use a tourist visa for business purpose as long as you do not violate Vietnam law.  


How can Myanmar citizens get business visa?


Although using tourist visa for business activities in Vietnam is acceptable, some Myanmar citizens still want to have an official business visa. To do that, you are required to have your own business partner in Vietnam. You business partner will be your guarantee who must provide some required document to process your business visa request. The documents includes document sending to the Immigration Department, your working schedule in Vietnam, business contract and legal documents of the business partner , invitation letter of the partner.


For further information about Vietnam visa for Myanmar citizens, please send an email to or call to our hotline number (84) 975 85 66 33.  



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