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Vietnam visa for Kiribati passport holders

Vietnam visa for Kiribati passport holders


I am a Kiribati citizen and want to travel to Vietnam, please how I get Vietnamese visa. Thank you Sir.




Yes, Kiribati citizens would like to travel toVietnamfor tourist or business purpose are required to apply for a  Vietnam visa/ a visa approval letter.


There are some notices on the laws of Vietnam visa for Kiribati citizens living as well as other countries.  Firstly, the visa types of Vietnam visa that Kiribati citizens can apply are 1 month single/multiple entry visa and 3 month single/multiple entry visa. Secondly, the approval fee is changed depending on each visa type and whether you are guaranteed by a Vietnam company or not. Thirdly, in case Kiribati citizen enter Vietnam for work and have a guarantee from your partner in Vietnam, the approval fee is cheaper. For details about the fee, please refer to the page Vietnam visa fee for Kiribati citizens


In case Kiribati citizens would like to get  Vietnam visa for tourist purpose or business purpose but not yet have a guarantee from your Vietnamese partner, VISAFORVIETNAM will surely support Kiribati citizens to get  Vietnam visa


As there is currently no Embassy of Vietnam in Kiribati, Kiribati citizens wishing to get Vietnam visa have only one option: applying for Vietnam visa approval letter to get Vietnam visa on arrival.


From Kiribati, Kiribati citizens applying for a visa approval letter (traveling to  Vietnam by airway) can follow the below guidelines:


-         Submit the online visa application at Please take note that all information submitted in the visa application should be identical to that in your  Kiribati passport.


-         Make payment for the above approval fee quoted at the system. Kiribati citizens can use your credit card, account on PayPal or Western Union to make the payment.


-         2 business days since the completion of the visa application and payment, Kiribati citizens will receive a visa approval letter issued by the Immigration Department of Vietnam. The further step to get visa printed for  Kiribati  citizens is getting it printed out.


Now  Kiribati citizens can get on the plane. A few airlines in  Kiribati may require  Kiribati passport holder to present the letter of approval for  Vietnam visa before let them board on the plane.


When they land in Vietnam, Kiribati citizens will get Vietnam visa on arrival. To get visa, they need to present their  Kiribati passport and the copy of visa approval letter. The stamping fee is also charged here.


For further information on how to get Vietnam visa for Kiribati citizens, please feel free to contact us!



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