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Vietnam visa for Israel citizens

Vietnam visa for Israel citizens

Although being a country in Central East, citizens of Israel can apply for visa to enter Vietnam easily like citizens of countries in other regions. However, there are still some differences regarding Vietnam visa for Israel citizens. Let’s spend a few minutes reading following information to get what you need to know.


Which available visa type for Israel citizens?


As well as other citizens, Israel citizens are permitted to request two available visa types to have a valid visa to Vietnam. They are visa on arrival and embassy visa. Actually, not everyone should apply for both two visa type as each type is suitable with a subject. For specific, if Israel people decide crossing land or sea border to Vietnam, you should use Vietnam embassy visa to have visa before starting your trip to the country. Meanwhile, if Israel citizens  want to take flight to visit Vietnam, you are strongly recommended request Vietnam visa on arrival, so that you can pick up an official visa right after your flight lands at one of three international airports of Vietnam.  


Is there any special requirement for Israel citizens to get visa?


Normally, citizens coming from Africa or Central East countries must provide some extra documents namely scan copy of original passport, return air ticket to Vietnam and booking hotel. However, those requirements are not applied for Israel citizens. In the other words, Israel people can apply for visa without submitting any special requirement.  What Israel citizens need to prepare to have visa is only an original passport with six month of validity and two empty pages.  


How to get visa for Israel citizens?


For getting Vietnam visa upon arrival, Israel citizens must need assistance of a visa agent in Vietnam in applying online procedure. You can find out the agent like our by following this link .After finding the agent on the internet, Israel people should access to the website and then complete Vietnam visa application online as direction of the system. Normally, it takes only a few seconds to complete this application. Next, you follow guidance to send payment for visa approval fee via PayPal, Bank Transfer or Western Union. Two working days since the payment was sent, an issued Vietnam visa approval letter will be dispatched to your email. You finally can use this letter to stamp official visa at international airport of Vietnam.


For getting visa at embassy of Vietnam, Israel people are demanded going to the embassy directly and submit your visa for Vietnam request. Normally, the staff working at embassy will guide you to complete each step of applying. It takes from five to seven business days to the embassy issues your visa request, so after that time Israel people should come back the embassy to get your visa.

How much does visa approval fee cost for Israel citizens?


Although there is no extra requirement to get visa, visa approval fee for Israel citizens is higher than the fee for citizens of other countries. The detailed fee is USD 35/person for one month single entry visa, USD 40/person for one month multiple entries visa, USD 45/person for three month single entry visa and USD 95/person for three month multiple entries visa. This visa fee will be added USD 10 or USD 25 in case Israel citizens apply for visa in urgent or super-urgent service.  


How much stamping fee cost for Israel citizens?


Israel citizens getting visa at embassy, you must pay both approval fee and stamping fee to the staff working at the embassy. Normal this fee is often higher than the total fee of approval fee and stamping fee that you have to complete to get on arrival visa. In addition, the visa fee that the embassy requires is not fixed as it depends upon their policy, so Israel citizens must get exact information about the fee you must pay before going to the embassy. Otherwise, Israel citizens using on arrival visa can prepare exact stamping fee to pay to immigration officer at the airport in advance as this fee is not changed. The specific stamping fee in this case is USD 45/person for single entry visa (one month and three month), USD 65/person for multiple entries visa of no more than 29 days and USD 95/person for multiple entries visa of more than 29 days but less than 90 days. It is notice that stamping fee in this case must be paid directly in USD or Vietnam dong at Vietnam airport before you can get official visa stamped onto passport.


What are notices for Israel citizen?


In order to get visa without any trouble, Israel citizen should pay attention to some important notices as below:


Choose a suitable visa type to save money, time and get visa conveniently


Prepare enough visa requirements before starting to apply. Doing this you will save many time as well as avoid trouble in case you cannot have enough requirement in time.


In case you get visa at embassy, it is better if you send an email or make a call to them in advance.


Notice clearly your duration staying in application if you want to get one month multiple entries visa to save stamping fee.


For further information about Vietnam visa for Israel citizens, please send an email to or call to hotline number (84) 975 85 66 33. 


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