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Vietnam visa for Indian passport holders

Vietnam visa for Indian passport holders

According to Vietnam Immigration policy, Vietnam visa is necessary document for Indian citizens to be able to enter the country for any purpose. Below section will mention to Vietnam visa for Indian passport holders with an aim to bring visitors detailed information as well as guidance to get visa for these citizens

General requirement to get visa Vietnam

Presently, with the aim to facilitate foreign visitors to get visa simply, the Immigration Department of Vietnam minimizes requirement that visitors need to prepare to be eligible to request visa. Specifically, before submitting a visa application, India travelers need to make sure that your passport meets requirement with six month of validity and two un-used pages upward. This is also requirement to obtain visa to Vietnam for all visitors coming from any country all over the world.

These days, Indian passport holders can choose, according to the way applicants choose to obtain visa, you may be required to prepare some other needful. Detailed requirement will be brought up at following paragraphs.

How long is Vietnam visa valid?

According to regulation of Vietnam Immigration Department, India travelers who enter of Vietnam without having any guarantee or labor contract from a business partner located in Vietnam are possible to request visa with valid duration of three month at maximum. Basing on your travel plan, visitors can request one month visa or three month visa with single or multiple entries. These types of visa are issued as Vietnam tourist visa.

Procedure to get visa at Embassy of Vietnam

-          Requirement for visa issuing:

Getting visa by this way, travelers should prepare documents according to request of Vietnam Embassy where you pick up visa. In usual, original passport of applicant is indispensable. In addition, applicants can be required to submit some other documents. This is depended on regulation of each Embassy. In order to know exactly, visitors should contact the Embassy before submitting your visa request.

-          Issuing unit

Applying visa by this way, India travelers will receive an official visa for Vietnam issued directly by Embassy of Vietnam. In India, travelers can go to Vietnam Embassy with following address:

Embassy of Vietnam in New Delhi, INDIA

Address: 17, Kautilya Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi 110 021, INDIA

Phone:  (91-11) 2301 98

Fax:      (91-11) 2301 05

Email:; visa for Indian passport holders

Embassy of Vietnam in Mumbai, INDIA

- Address: B-306 Oberoi chamber New Link road andheri (w), Mumbai 400 053, India.

- Phone:  2673 6688

- Fax: 2673 6633

- Email:



Travelers should visa Embassy directly and hand in all required document. Then you should wait for your visa request processing. In order to get visa result, certainly, applicants need to pay visa fee to Vietnam Embassy. According to experience of visitors who have got visa at Vietnam Embassy, this fee is various, so you should contact Embassy in advance to be guided. About visa issuing time, this way often takes five to seven working days to let your visa request approved.

Procedure to get visa on arrival

Unlike getting visa at Vietnam Embassy, in order to get visa upon arrival, India citizens will not need to prepare any original document in visa applying procedure. In addition, you also do need to visit any Vietnam Embassy.

-          Visa issuing unit

Visa on arrival is promulgated and approved Vietnam Immigration Department. However, a visa request should not be submitted directly from foreign visitors because the Immigration only agree to approved visa requests sent from a travel agent. Therefore, visitors should find an authorized visa website like to send your visa request through assistance of visa agent.

-          Requirement to get visa upon arrival

In order to get Vietnam visa on arrival, India passport holders as well as almost all foreign visitors should to have below needful:

+ Visa approval letter

+ Original passport

+ Two passport sized photos

+ Application for entry and exit Vietnam (this application will be sent to you together with visa approval letter)

-          Steps to request visa on arrival for Indians travelers

Firstly, travelers should prepare an internet-connected computer or device to apply online for a pre-approved visa letter. Because this document is processed online, India citizens can request it from wherever regardless you stay in India or any country all over the world. What you need to do is to complete some below steps:

+ Submitting Vietnam visa application. As no original document is required for issuing pre-approved letter, applicants should make sure that your submitted information is identical to what shown in your passport.

+ Sending visa approval fee though PayPal, Bank Transfer or Western Union. Using PayPal or Western Union is highly recommended because of its quick transaction.

+ Waiting for two business at maximum

+ Checking registered email and receiving visa approval letter issued by Vietnam Immigration Department

+ Preparing a printed copy of Vietnam visa approval letter, original passport, a fulfilled application for entry and exit Vietnam, and two passport-sized photos

+ Departing for Vietnam and getting visa stamped upon arrival at Vietnam international airport.


Vietnam visa for Indian passport holders

Vietnam visa cost applied for Indians

In case India visitors choose to get Vietnam Embassy visa, the applied cost should be paid directly to staff working at the Embassy. In this case, visa fee is regulated by Embassy, so there is no general fee for Vietnam Embassies in all countries. In other words, each Embassy may require a distinct cost. There is only one way to know exactly how much you should prepare. It is contacting Vietnam Embassy before you request visa.

In contrast, if India citizens choose Vietnam visa online, you absolutely can know the exact fee you should prepare for your visa request. The fee for a visa issued is divided into two sub-types: visa approval fee and stamping fee. Visa approval fee is to get visa approval fee processing, so it should be paid in advance to visa agent. This fee is not only depended on the visa type you request, but also depended on the type of express service you choose. For standard service, Indian travelers can receive visa letter after 2 business days with the cost of USD 25/ person for one month single entry visa, USD 30/ person for one month multiple entries visa, USD 35/ person for three month single entry visa or USD 90/ person for three month multiple entries visa. In some cases, if travelers want to get visa letter faster, you can pay additional fee for express service to speech up processing time. Specifically, you should pay USD 10 plus in order to get visa approval letter within one working days and USD 25 plus to get this document within four working hours. Approval fee can be discounted if foreign visitors apply visa for a group of three people upward. Detailed information about discounted fee can be found at Vietnam visa fee page.

About stamping fee, this fee is always stable for travelers coming from any country on the world. Upon arrival at Vietnam international airport, each passenger need to prepare USD 45 in case you get single entry visa, USD 65 if you get 29 days multiple entries visa or USD 95 if your visa type is multiple entries visa with valid duration longer than 29 days and less than 90 days.

Who should choose visa on arrival?

Presently, visa on arrival is applied at Vietnam international airport. In other words, only people travelling to Vietnam by airway are possible to request this visa type. Although having restriction about object using visa, this visa type is still highly recommended because of its various advantage such as simple procedure and low cost. This is the reason Vietnam visa on arrival is always considered as the best option to obtain visa for airway travelers.

Until now, visa on arrival has not been applied at Vietnam’s border while in order to visit Vietnam, foreign people need to have a visa. Therefore, applying for a Vietnam visa at Embassy of Vietnam before travelling is the sole way for foreign people in general and for Indian passport holders in particular who wish to enter the country by land or sea way.

For any further information related to Vietnam visa for India citizens, please contact our support team via email or hotline (+84) 975 85 66 33. 


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