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Vietnam visa for Greece citizens

Vietnam visa for Greece citizens

People holding Greece passport need to apply for visa before entering to Vietnam.  Actually, getting visa to Vietnam is not a difficult job. However, for people who do this task for the first time, there are some confused things for you. Thus, noting down following information about Vietnam visa for Greece citizens is very helpful.


When should apply for visa?


Applying for visa can be implemented six months prior your estimated arrival date, but you also should not apply too early or too lately. Normally, the best time to obtain a visa is from 3 to 5 days in advance except Saturday and Sunday in case you get visa on arrival online and 5 to 7 working days in advance if Greece people want to pick up visa directly at embassy of Vietnam.  


How many visa types that Greece citizens can get? 


Actually, there are different criterions to divide visa types. And all those visa types are available for Greece citizens:


   -   Basing on entrance way to Vietnam: with this criterion, Greece citizens can apply for Vietnam visa on arrival online and Vietnam embassy visa directly. The first visa type is the best choice for Greece people departing to Vietnam by plane from anywhere on the world as visa on arrival is served at any international airport of Vietnam including Noi Bai airport, Danang airport, and Tan Son Nhat airport. Otherwise, the second visa type should be used by Greece citizens crossing land or sea border to Vietnam. By applying for this visa type, you will have a valid visa from the embassy before travelling.   


   -   Basing on staying duration and number of entry to the country: Greece citizens are permitted t get one month single/multiple entries visa, three month single/multiple entries visa.


   -   Basing on purpose of entry: Vietnam tourist visa and Vietnam business visa are available for Greece people. Nevertheless, business visa is currently only available for those who are guaranteed by a company in Vietnam and the company can provide some documents as requirement of Vietnam Immigration Department.

Vietnam visa for Greece citizens


How to apply for visa?


The procedure to get visa on arrival online is different from procedure of getting visa at embassy directly. If Greece citizens choosing visa on arrival, you must complete applying steps to get Vietnam visa approval letter at first. An issued visa letter is the document that you need to show to get on the plane and to stamp official visa. This legal document is granted by the Immigration department. Greece people can get this important online by accessing to and filling in Vietnam visa application with your private details and some basic information of needed visa such as arrival date, visa type, number of visa. To issue visa request of foreigners including Greece people, the Immigration collects visa approval fee. Thus, Greece citizens must pay this fee after completing application. Normally, you can pay online by using PayPal, Western Union or Bank Transfer. A visa letter needs from one to two business days to process, so after that time, it will be sent to your email as this letter is just an electronic document. To get official visa, Greece citizens must go to Vietnam by airway and present this letter, passport, stamping fee, application for entry and exit Vietnam glued photos at Vietnam airport.  


Greece citizens want to have a valid visa before travelling have to arrange your time to come to embassy of Vietnam during working time of the embassy. You then ask for guidelines of staff working there to submit required documents and pay visa fee.  In fact, the embassy needs a quite long time to check your information, your visa request as well as process visa for you, so Greece citizens can go home during waiting time and then come back then as confirmation of the embassy to pick up your visa. 


What is the longest time that Greece citizens can stay in Vietnam?  


With changing of Vietnam visa policy, foreigners currently can apply for six month or one year visa to stay for a long time in Vietnam without leaving or extending. However, those types of visa are only applied for foreigners having guarantee in Vietnam. In addition, your guarantee must satisfy some requirements of the Immigration department. For specific requirement, you can contact us.


In case Greece citizens do not have Guarantee Company or your company cannot meet enough requirements, three month visa is the longest visa type you can get. With a three month visa, you can stay in Vietnam within three months. However, in case you need to stay longer in the country, Vietnam visa extension is available for you. As requirement and fee to extend are not similar to every case, Greece citizens as well as other citizens should contact our support team via email or phone before extending. Normally, you just need to submit your passport at our office before expiration date of your visa if your visa can be extended.  


In conclusion, like citizens coming from other countries, Greece citizens can have visa for Vietnam easily with a few things to do.


In case you have any comment, question of feedback relating to Vietnam visa for Greece citizens, please send an email to or call to hotline number (84) 975 85 66 33.


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