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Vietnam visa for Bulgaria citizens

Vietnam visa for Bulgaria citizens

Being a Southeast European country, Bulgaria is far away from Vietnam-an Asia country thousand of kilometer. However, there are many Bulgaria people wishing to visit Vietnam to discover a new land and new culture. In order to enter Vietnam, as many other European citizens, Bulgaria citizens must apply for a visa. Following article is composed aiming to bring to Bulgaria citizens in particular and other citizens in general information about Vietnam visa for Bulgaria citizens.


What should Bulgaria citizens do before applying for visa?


Applying for visa is no longer a difficult task. However, it will be better if you prepare carefully before and know things do to before applying. For specific, to get visa to Vietnam smoothly, Bulgaria citizens are recommended paying attention following things:


   -   Creating a clear travel plan to Vietnam. By doing this, Bulgaria people can choose a suitable visa type with a sensible duration.


   -   Finding a good visa agent in Vietnam to help you if you apply for visa online. Applying for visa online through a visa agent is compulsory requirement for foreigners as the Immigration Department does not issue this visa type for you directly. Thus, in case you find out a suitable visa agent, you will have a huge advantage when applying and our can be a good example.


   -   Contacting Vietnam embassy that you schedule to visit if you want to get this visa type to know exact visa requirement.


   -   Arranging your time to apply for visa in advance to save money and avoid any trouble that rush situation can cause.


How many required document to get visa for Bulgaria citizens?


To issue Vietnam visa request of Bulgaria citizens in particular and citizens of other countries in general, both Vietnam Immigration Department and embassy require some documents. Details are quoted as below:


   -   An original passport with six months of validity and two empty pages and two passport-sized photos are necessary for picking up visa at embassy or airport


   -   A completed visa application is what Bulgaria people need to get ready before getting visa at embassy of Vietnam. Meanwhile, you need to download application for entry and exit Vietnam and complete it to pick up Vietnam visa upon arrival at Vietnam airport.


   -   Money for visa fee is required no matter you apply for visa online for visa embassy.


What is procedure to get visa at Vietnam international airport?


Getting visa upon arrival at international airport of Vietnam is choosing by increasing foreigners including Bulgaria citizens. To get visa at the airport, you must apply for Vietnam visa on arrival online. Procedure to obtain this visa type contains of a few steps as below:


   -   Access to website of your visa agent on the internet


   -   Do as guidance to fill in Vietnam visa application online with exact information as shown in your passport and information of your wanted visa


   -   Follow further direction to send payment for visa approval fee to issue Vietnam visa approval letter. This fee will be collected by the agent and then send to the Immigration Department. Bulgaria citizens can choose to use PayPal, Bank Transfer or Western Union to send your money


   -   Receive email with the visa letter and application for entry and exit Vietnam after two business days of processing


   -   Print the letter out after checking every detail and ready to get on board to Vietnam


   -   Find out the visa on arrival counter at Vietnam airport and present all document including passport, visa letter, photos, application and pay stamping fee to staff in charge


   -   Wait for 20 to 30 minutes and get back your passport with a stamped visa.


What is procedure to pick up visa at Vietnam embassy?


Bulgaria citizens are available to get visa at embassy of Vietnam with or without applying online beforehand. For those who apply online for Vietnam visa approval code in advance, you just need to do as procedure to obtain visa approval letter mentioned above. Both two documents are granted by the Immigration Department. However, instead of using the visa approval code at international airport of Vietnam, you must bring it to Vietnam embassy that the document mentioned to have official visa. At the embassy, by showing the approval code together with your passport, visa application and stamping fee, the staff working there will stamp visa onto your passport.


In case Bulgaria citizens want to get visa directly at the embassy, you had better go to the embassy from three to five days before your arrival date and submit all prepared things together with total visa fee as requirement of the embassy. After submitting, you can go home with a confirmation paper and wait. After confirmed time, you should come back the embassy and receive your visa result.


Who should get visa at embassy?


Getting visa embassy means Bulgaria citizens must have visa before coming to Vietnam. Therefore, this visa type should be selected by those who plan to enter Vietnam through land or sea way.


Who should get visa at airport?


Picking up visa at international airport of Vietnam is getting visa when you arrive the country. This service is currently available for air travelers only. Therefore, only Bulgaria citizens using plane to Vietnam are applicable to have official visa at the airport.


In brief, although applying for visa for Vietnam is a required task that Bulgaria citizens must complete, this task now is easier, simpler, especially if you apply for visa on arrival online.  


In case you have any question, feedback or comment regarding Vietnam visa for Bulgaria citizens, please send an email to or make call to our hotline number (84) 975 85 66 33. 


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