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Vietnam visa for Brazil citizens

Vietnam visa for Brazil citizens

According to Vietnam Immigration law, in order to enter Vietnam for any activity, Brazil passport holders are required to have visa for the country. In reality, there are some ways to request Vietnam visa for Brazil citizens such as applying directly at Embassy of Vietnam or applying online. Travelers should based on your travel plan and choose a suitable visa type like following guidelines.

General requirement to request visa Vietnam

Before creating a travel plan to Vietnam, Brazil passport holders need to check your passport carefully to make sure that your passport has validity of six month and two blank pages left upward. Only when your passport meets above requirement about passport of Vietnam Immigration Department, your visa request can be approved. In contrast, if your passport is not eligible, your visa request will be rejected and you will not allowed to travel to Vietnam. This is not only requirement for Brazil passport holders but also requirement to get visa for foreign people coming from any other country on the world.

After checking your passport carefully and ensure that it is adequate, Brazil travelers can start to request visa by choosing between applying visa at Embassy of Vietnam or applying visa online. In case you intend to visit Vietnam by land or seaway, getting visa at Vietnam Embassy before departure is suitable because there is no visa issued on land way or sea way to the country. If Brazil citizens wish to visit by airway, you are advised choosing Vietnam visa online.

Procedure of getting visa at Vietnam Embassy for Brazilians

Presently, Brazil passport holders can go to Vietnam Embassy located in any country to request visa. For those people living in Brazil, you can visit Embassy with following address to submit visa request:


Address: SHIS QI 09 Conj. 10 Casa 1 – Lago Sul  CEP: 71.615-070 Brasilia/DF


Telephone:                (5561) 33645876


Fax:                          (5561) 364 5836


Email:               visa for Brazil citizen


Before going to Embassy, travelers firstly should contact staff in charge to be guided about what you need to prepare for visa issuing as well as how much you will be charged for a visa request because Vietnam visa requirement may be regulated variously from Vietnam Embassy in different countries. According to experience of many visitors, the indispensable document to request visa in this case is original passport of applicants, and for each visa request, Brazil citizens may be charged USD 80 upward.

After being guided about requirement for visa, visitors should prepare and go to the Embassy directly to submit all needful for your visa application. Then, you also should pay visa issuing fee to Embassy. Your visa request afterward will be processed. In usual, it may take four to five business days to let your visa request approved. After processing time, applicants can come back Embassy and collect your passport as well as visa result.


Procedure to get visa on arrival for Brazil citizens

 In order to obtain Vietnam visa on arrival, firstly, Brazil citizens need to make sure that you will travel to Vietnam by airway because visa on arrival is only applied at Vietnam international airports including: Noi Bai airport, Tan Son Nhat airport, or Da Nang airport. After that, you can complete further steps to request visa.

Like citizens of other countries, Brazil passport holders are required to have below documents:

-          Your original passport with six month of validity and two un-used pages

-          A valid visa approval letter issued by the Immigration Department of Vietnam (this document can be requested online quickly through an authorized website like

-          Two passport-sized photos taken within the last 01 year with white/ bright background, straight face, no hat, no dark or tinted glass, and both ears must be shown

-          A fulfilled application for entry and exit Vietnam (this document will be sent to you together with visa approval letter)

The first step Brazil citizens should do in procedure of getting visa on arrival is to apply for Vietnam visa approval letter. This is an electronic document granted by the Immigration Department of Vietnam. If foreign visitors wishing to get visa upon arrival, you are required to have visa approval letter before travelers because this document can be seen as a clearance that allows you to get visa stamped at Vietnam airport. In addition, presently, almost all airlines also require travelers to have this document before getting on board to Vietnam.

Step of requesting a visa approval letter can be performed ass following guidance:

-          Submitting Vietnam visa application with information that is identical to what shown in your passport

-          Sending visa approval fee though PayPal, Bank Transfer or Western Union. Among these payment approaches, using PayPal or Western Union is highly recommended because of quick time for transaction

-          Waiting for processing in about two business days

-          Checking registered email to receive visa approval letter

After having visa approval letter, Brazil citizens should check your information carefully to make sure everything is right. In case there is any mistake in your visa letter, you should contact our support team immediately to solve the trouble. Then, you should print it out and prepare your passport, photos and application for entry and exit. Getting ready these documents, you just need to wait for your travel date and depart for Vietnam by plane.

Upon arrival at Vietnam international airport, Brazil travelers should move to visa on arrival counter afterward to complete step of getting visa stamped. There, you should present your prepared document to Immigration officer, and you also pay stamping fee to them at the same time. Staff in charge will check your all information and stamp an official visa to Vietnam onto your passport if all information is correct.

Applicable visa types for Brazil citizens

No matter Brazil citizens choose to get visa at Embassy of Vietnam or get visa online, you are able to request Vietnam tourist visa with valid duration of one month or three month. Basing on the number of entry to Vietnam, visa also is divided into two types: single entry visa or multiple entries visa. In other words, there are four applicable visa types including: one month single entry, one moth multiple entries visa, three month single entry visa or three month multiple entries visa.

For those people who really need a business visa, you should contact your business partner located in Vietnam and ask staff in charge to request visa directly at the Immigration Department. In this case, some of legal document of your business partner as well as your labor contract will be required.

Vietnam visa cost for Brazil citizens

In case Brazil travelers requesting visa at Embassy of Vietnam, visa issuing fee is regulated directly by staff working there. This is the reason each Vietnam Embassy may require a different fee. In order to know exactly the amount of fee for visa, you should contact them in advance.


Vietnam visa for Brazil citizens

In contrast, if Brazil citizens choose visa on arrival, Vietnam visa fee is divided into two types including visa approval fee and visa stamping fee. Each type of visa will be required in a separate step of getting visa procedure.

In the step of getting visa approval letter, applicants will be required to pay approval fee to let your visa request processed. This fee is depended on your desire visa type and the number of applicants in visa application. In standard, each Brazil passport holder will be charged USD 18 for one month single entry visa, USD 23 for one month multiple entries visa, USD 28 for three month single entry visa and USD 80 for three month multiple entries visa.

For step of getting official visa at Vietnam international airport, Brazil visitors are required to complete stamping fee in cash to be stamped visa to Vietnam onto your passport. This fee is regulates generally regardless nationality of each visitors. Specifically, each passenger getting visa upon arrival at Vietnam airport need to pay USD 45 for single entry visa, USD 65 for multiple entries visa of no longer than 29 days and USD 95 for multiple entries visa with validity longer than 29 days and less than 90 days.

How long does it take to get visa issued for Brazilians?

Waiting time to get visa at Vietnam Embassy is quite long. It often takes four to five business days to get visa granted. Therefore, if your arrival date is coming soon, this option is not recommended. In this case, getting Vietnam visa on arrival is advised because of its short processing time.

In standard service, visa approval letter will be sent to applicants after just two business days. In urgent situation, Brazil citizens also can request urgent or super urgent to get visa approval letter issued quickly. Specifically, this document can be sent to you after one business days with urgent service or after just four working hours with super urgent service. However, it should be noticed that the shorter processing time is taken, the higher service is charged. In order to use urgent service, each applicant need to pay USD 10 plus. And to request super urgent service, you will be required to pay USD 25 plus.

For step of getting visa stamped, each applicant should wait twenty minutes averagely. This time can be longer in case there are so many foreign visitors waiting for picking up visa at Vietnam airport. In case Brazil travelers want to get visa right after landing at Vietnam airport without queuing at visa on arrival counter, you are offered Stamping Support Service. This is an extra service to pick up and assist passenger to get official visa at airport. To use this service, travelers just need to advise us your flight number and arrival time, and then our staff will wait for you at Vietnam airport and assist you when you arrive. This service is very suitable for people who travel to Vietnam at the first time, old people, pregnant and people travelling with children. The cost of this service is USD 25/ person.

Briefly, both getting Vietnam Embassy visa and getting visa on arrival is legal. However, procedure to get visa on arrival is much more convenient than the other one. Applying for this visa type, applicants can complete all necessary steps online in just a few minutes without preparing any original document. In addition, you also do not need to visit anywhere to pick up visa before departure. This step can be completed quickly right after passengers arrive at Vietnam airport. Therefore, it is very economical, simple and time-saving. Because of these various advantages, visa on arrival can be seen as the best option to obtain visa Vietnam.

For any further information related to Vietnam visa for Brazil citizens, please contact us via email or hotline (+84) 975 85 66 33.  


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