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Vietnam visa for Austria citizens

Vietnam visa for Austria citizens

Basing upon updated Vietnam visa policy for foreigners who are not in exemption list of Vietnam, a visa must be applied if they want to enter Vietnam for any purpose. Therefore, Austria citizens need to apply for visa in order to come to Vietnam as this nationality is out of that list. Understanding clearly some basic information about Vietnam visa for Austria citizens as below will be very useful for you.


What are requirements to pick up visa for Austria citizens?


As long as Austria citizens fulfill some demanded Vietnam visa requirements, you are able to get visa to Vietnam.


   -   The first requirement that you must get is an original passport with six months of validity and two white pages. For Austria citizens who own an invalid passport, you must extend or renew it before applying for visa.


   -   Two photos with passport size are also required things that you need to prepare. Actually, you totally can take photo at the airport. However, preparing at home will save time.


   -   In case Austria citizens get visa at international airport of Vietnam, a visa approval letter approved by Immigration Department of Vietnam is required. If you pick up visa at embassy of Vietnam, a visa application regulated by the embassy is necessary thing.  


What is procedure to get visa for Austria citizens?


After getting ready all requirements, Austria citizens can start every step to have visa to enter Vietnam. Following is detailed procedure to get visa on arrival and visa embassy, Austria citizens are recommended defining your wanted visa type to complete right procedure:


Procedure to get Vietnam visa upon arrival


   -   In order to get this visa type, it is must to have a visa agent in Vietnam to help. Our can be an example. Thus, the first thing that Austria people must do is finding the website of the agent on the internet by follow this link .


   -   Then, you should click “applying page” of the website and then do as system’s guidelines to complete Vietnam visa application. Normally, the system requires you to provide some private information such as full name, date of birth, nationality, passport number, etc and some visa’s information.


   -   Right after completing the application, you will be guided to send payment for approval fee for processing Vietnam visa approval letter. Three payment methods will be listed to select: PayPal, Bank Transfer, Western Union   


   -   Austria citizens just need to wait for only two working days as the longest to receive the issued visa letter via email. Thus, after that time, you should check your email for getting the letter


   -   The visa letter needs to be printed and put in your bag with passport, photos, application for entry and exit Vietnam and money before getting on board


   -   When arriving Vietnam international airport, Austria citizens should get direction to go to Vietnam visa on arrival counter or landing visa counter of the airport. At there, you should wait for your turn in the queue. Up to your turn, you should show all important things and pay stamping fee to immigration officer working there. They will check your documents, collect stamping fee and stamp an official Vietnam visa onto your passport.

Procedure to get visa at the embassy


The difference between on arrival visa and embassy visa is applying time. While you must apply for embassy visa before going to Vietnam, on arrival visa can be got upon your arrival.


To get embassy visa, Austria citizens must come directly to the embassy within working time from Monday to Friday. The staff at the embassy will guide you to submit your visa request together with necessary documents. After submitting all required things, you will be informed to go home and wait as it takes at least three days to issue your visa request. After that waiting time, you can go back the embassy to get your visa result. Now, with an official stamped onto passport, Austria citizens can travel to Vietnam at any time during your visa’s validity.  


Who should get Vietnam embassy visa?


As mention in the previous part, Austria people can get visa at embassy of Vietnam. However, not everyone is recommended applying for this visa type. Actually, embassy visa is only the best selection for those who depart to Vietnam through land or sea way. With these ways of entry, you must have a visa in advance. Meanwhile, visa on arrival service has not been applied at the border of Vietnam.


Who should get visa on arrival online?


As visa on arrival can be picked up at any international airport of Vietnam, Austria citizens getting on plane to Vietnam are suggested using this visa type. In addition, visa on arrival is also cheaper and faster than embassy visa, so it is currently the best choice for air travelers.


Who should get visa code online?


Beside embassy visa and visa on arrival, Austria citizens can get Vietnam visa code online. This visa type is combined between visa online and embassy visa. Using this visa type, Austria citizens will apply online for a Vietnam visa approval code and then bring this approval code to registered embassy of Vietnam to get official visa. Like visa approval letter, visa approval code is issued by Vietnam Immigration Department. However, instead of using at Vietnam airport, you must use this document at Vietnam embassy noted in it. Applying for visa code online will help Austria people to save time waiting at the embassy.


In conclusion, although getting visa for Vietnam is a necessary thing for Austria citizens in particular and citizens of other countries, this requirement is no longer complicated and difficult as you can choose a suitable way to get visa.


In case you have any question, feedback or comment regarding Vietnam visa for Austria citizens, please contact us via email or hotline (84) 975 85 66 33.  


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