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Vietnam visa for Aruban citizens

Vietnam visa for Aruban citizens

Can Aruban enter Vietnam?

Yes, according to the latest regulation on Vietnam Immigration, Aruban passport holders wishing to enter  Vietnam are required to have a guarantee company or a visa agent in  Vietnam who request visa on your behalf.

Once Aruban citizens have got a guarantee company, please send us an email to request the guarantee form and the guidance to complete this form, then tell the staff in charge of your guarantee company to send us the completed one in both soft and hard copy.

VISAFORVIETNAM also offers guarantee service for Aruban citizens who want to enter Vietnam with tourist or business purpose. With this guarantee service for getting Vietnam visa, Aruban passport holders just need to submit their visa application online (the total fee is advised right after they choose their nationality as Aruban). This fee also includes the guarantee fee and approval fee.

How long does it takes to get a Vietnam Visa For Aruban citizens?

3 business days after the completion of the form submission and payment for the approval fee, the Immigration Department of Vietnam issues a visa approval letter for you. In case Aruban wish to get the visa approval letter urgently, they can request urgent or super urgent service which guarantees few hours processing.

To get on board to Vietnam, Aruban citizens are required to present the Vietnam visa approval letter to the airlines. At Vietnam airport, visa is stamped onto their passport at the visa on arrival counter.

For further information on Vietnam Visa for Aruban citizens, please contact us!



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