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Vietnam visa applied fee for India citizen

Hello there, I have applied for an e-visa to enter Vietnam on 15th August. I want to visit Vietnam for tourism / vacation and shall leave on 18th August. I am a bit confused and hence have not paid the fees. When I saw the visa fee structure, it seems to be very high for Indian citizen. Also there are several sites which provide e-visa service for Vietnamese visa. I am not sure which one is an authentic. I am also not very clear about the process of visa issuance. Kindly provide me with all the details so that I can pay my visa fees and get e-visa at the earliest. Also let me know the validity of the visa since the issue of the letter. Thanks and regards Milind Gokhale

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  • Dear Milind Gokhale,Thank you for contacting us!Please be advised that due to diplomatic issue between India and Vietnam, Vietnam visa applied fee for India citizen is higher than the applied fee for citizens of other countries as the guarantee fee is included. For detail, the applied fee for India passport holders is USD 55/pax for 1 month single entry visa, USD 65/pax for 1 month multiple entries visa, USD 85/pax for 3 month single entry visa and USD 110/pax for 3 month multiple entries visa.In your case, as you want to apply for 1 month single entry visa (cost USD 55) and Stamping Support Service- the extra service to pick up and support you upon your arrive at Vietnam airport (cost USD 25 more). Thus the fee you should pay online is USD 80.We hope above information is clear to you. Please feel free to let us know if you need any further assistance. We are very happy to assist you at our best.Many thanks and best regards!Jenny Kristen

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