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Vietnam vias for maried to a Vietnamese person

I have been married to a Vietnamese National for 2 ½ years, living in Vietnam for the past 12 years. What are my options for a VISA to continue living in Vietnam with my wife.

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  • Dear Roger Ferrel,Thank you for contacting us!Please advised that whether you applied for Vietnam visa exemption for foreigner getting married to Vietnamese or not. In case, you have not applied for Vietnam exemption yet, you should ask your wife to go directly to Vietnam Immigration office in the place you living to apply for Vietnam exemption for you.We hope above information is clear to you. Please feel free to let us know if you need any further assistance. We are very happy to assist you at our best.Many thanks and best regards!Jenifer Lee

    In , Asked by Jenifer Lee, posted date 13-12-2013

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