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Vietnam Visa fee 1month multiple

My nationality is Dutch and my passport is good till 2015. I see on your website that you offer a 1 month multiple entry visa extension for $25 USD. I work in Vietnam and have a work permit, but I need to leave the country for a week or so on Sunday or Monday. My boss doesn't have enough time to get the new visa for a year. A Multiple entry Visa would be best. When I come back to Vietnam, my employer can get a visa for a year again.

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  • Dear Paul Leidsman,Thank you for your email!\nPlease be advised that USD 25 is the approval fee for 1 month multiple visa not extension fee. This fee is applied for people who apply for new visa. As noted in your email, you will exit Vietnam. Applying for new visa is highly recommended for your case when you re-enter Vietnam.To apply for Vietnam visa, you can submit the online visa application at . Then you should proceed the payment USD 25 for 1 month multiple visa. After receiving your visa application and payment for this, we will process and send you visa approval letter that allows you to get Vietnam visa stamped onto your passport upon your arrival at Vietnam airport. Then, when you enter Vietnam already, you can ask your employer to get 1 year visa for you.We hope above information is clear to you. Please feel free to let us know if you need any further assistance. We are very happy to assist you at our best.Many thanks and best regards!Jenny Kristen\n

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