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The procedures of Vietnam Visa extension for Mauritian

The procedures of Vietnam Visa extension for Mauritian

Mauritian residing in Vietnam can apply for the extension of visa with the residency time from one month to one year. The procedure for the extension of visa for Mauritian is set up the Immigration Department of Vietnam or Immigration Offices belonging to city or provincial public security depends on (subject to) specific cases.

The Mauritian who can get Vietnam visa in Vietnam includes:

-         The Mauritian comes to  Vietnam for tourist or visiting their relatives

-         The Mauritian Investors;

-         The heads of the representative offices of non- governmental organizations

-         The Mauritian lawyers are granted the practicing permits by Vietnam Ministry of Justice

-         The Mauritian citizens are granted the work permits in  Vietnam…

Vietnam Visa Extension for the Mauritian

Subject to concrete cases, one of the following agencies can make the procedures for the extension of visa in  Vietnam:


-         The Immigration Department of Vietnam (in case of the visa exemption to  Vietnam)

-         The immigration offices belonging to the city or provincial public security;


Mauritian people need to prepare the following documents for Vietnam Visa extension at the Immigration department of Vietnam:


-      The legal documents of the enterprises or organizations which guarantees for foreigners (including the copy of the business registration seal certificate, tax code registration, signature and seal registration)

-      Foreigners’ passports must be valid at least 06 months; -      The working permit (for foreign labors  applying for visa more than 3 months; investors, head of planning division , non-governmental organizations, foreign lawyers granted the practicing permit in Vietnam not applying for working permit )

-        The application form for the extension of visa in  Vietnam.

Notice of the application for visa extension in Vietnam

This application form is affirmed by the company or organization in Vietnam if it is guaranteed by the Vietnamese ones.

This application form is affirmed by communal, ward public security if it is guaranteed by Vietnamese individuals. (The commune or ward of such Vietnam individuals holds permanent residence)

-          The other documents under the specific requirements of the immigration department of Vietnam (such as house lease contract, foreign labors list…)

In case Mauritian does not have enough required documents, our agent can still help with our visa extension service. For exact advice and fee quotation, please kindly scan your entire passport pages containing Vietnam visa(s) and send us beforehand.


If you have any question relevant to the procedures for visa in Vietnam or further accurate information, please contact us through the address as stated in the website at our visa office.



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